3 Principles You Need to Apply to your Life to Discover Financial Freedom

Today I wanted to share with you an article from The Frugal Farm Girl. Comments greatly appreciated! 

Have you ever heard the saying “Living the American Dream?” Of course you have. It’s what everyone says when they view you as being financially set. We don’t need to go into all the details of how so many of us are truly living the American Dream ,when we take a closer look at those living in other countries, but let’s talk about the three p’s for us Americans to be successful.

Wait, successful? Does success to you mean being financially rich? The rich with money and not with love? See I believe that once we define what success looks like to us, we are one step closer to figuring out exactly what we need.

Inspiration strikes lately down my newish country roads.It happens when my kids are quiet in the back seat or I am alone and jamming out to my music. Something about being out in the country seeing farm field after farm field, you feel more connected to the earth, to the one who created for your eyes to blink with astonishment.


I kept reflecting back on the past 5 years the number of changes we have gone through and how God has blessed us with financial peace. Be on guard if you are feeling financial peace for the enemy to throw a fiery arrow of guilt. In those moments when my armor is on I smile and say ” You are right Lord, we have worked hard and continue to work hard to be where we are today.”

Then reflecting on this it hit me. The Three Ps of Financial security. Financial Success.

Really peace with your finances is what you need right? It’s something we all need my dear.

Here we go. 

Here are your Three P’s ( Principles) towards Financial Freedom



Perspective is a word when you hear it you instantly say “YES, perspective changes everything.” I feel  it’s  how we all read about the damaging effects of social media and being on screens all day long and we say we spend too much time online, and then after we are done with the conversation or reading it online we immediately continue in the ways of being on a screen 24/7.

If you want your financial situation to change you need to change your perspective. Here are both definitions of the word.


the art of drawing solid objects on a two-dimensional surface so as to give the right impression of their height, width, depth, and position in relation to each other when viewed from a particular point.

a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.

Let’s look at the first one. Give the right impression catches my attention. We need to look at all angles of our situation and the right impression is truth. We need to make a list of the facts and the emotions. When you need to change perspective you need to Leave Out the Emotions. How do you do that?  You line it up with truth. You bring the facts under the microscope of the word of God and fact check it with prayer.

The second definition talks about attitude. Oh attitude can ruin so many things. Where does attitude stem from? Emotions.  The dangerous part about being in the wrong perspective is the door of the enemy has you walking into a room of bad behavior. The wrong attitude will capture your mind into deception. Resulting in actions you take that have serious consequences.

Change your perspective. Start with a list every day of things to be thankful for. Start small. For me everytime I look for smaller my heart sees gratitude more quickly.



My parents live 12 hours away. It’s been like that for the past 11 years. My story as a kid is one for a novel. They moved when I started college. Funds were tight for both sides so visits were just a few times a year. When they came I was so excited to have them there I had to make a plan. I couldn’t not have them come and not have a PLAN.  I saw from my college roommates how much time got wasted sitting around passing the question back and forth of “What do you want to do?”

See I knew my time with my parents was limited. It was short and special. I refused to waste time sitting around wondering what we should do. I even take it a step further now and plan every meal and pencil in a time for a night out.

Planning allows you to reflect and to pray and seek the path that God already laid out for you. All successful business owners have a business plan. The word that is pretty much attached to planning is goals. I’m not sure why we as a culture have steered away from goal setting but now is the time my friend. Write down those goals. Make a plan to get there and close the door of the enemy telling you-you aren’t good enough.

Because when we take the time to plan and we line it up with God’s truth and we ask him about it the gift of the Holy Spirit he equipped us with is going to let you know if that’s the right plan. If you aren’t hearing God say yes, don’t rush. Wait, and pray. When it’s right the signs will be there.

When you have a plan in place that you know God is saying YES, your confidence builds. When your confidence builds you can crush the enemy whose only purpose is to keep you locked down in misery, alone, and as far from God as possible.

Get your plan.



If you have a plan and you know that God has called you to this plan, but the next step hasn’t come, do you just give up and say this isn’t it? Or do you wait on the Lord?

“Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful ( Heb. 10:23, NIV)

Let me share this with you. I knew the door was closing to a previous blog of mine. I knew I was supposed to write more. I bought a few different domain names because I thought that was the right answer.

I missed the whole planning and patience on that one. But I felt uneasy in my soul. A month passed and the desire to start something new was still there, and the name the Frugal Farm Girl just came.

It felt right. This time I prayed about it and asked others to pray with me.

But it has taken months to get to this point. And in those months the enemy has attacked hard. This post is just as much for me as it is for you.

I have been patient. I have been willing to change things if the decisions I made I thought were God but were not. In that patience, you are able to see the true purpose God has for you and the best way for you to experience it.

Because, all in all, You Make the Difference. You Matter. If you can get these three little P words down you are going to be on a path of financial peace. You will be trusting in God and not in your enemy.

So what is your perspective today? Can it be changed to something more positive more joyful? 

What is your plan today, in a year, 10 years?

Will you exercise patience in the plan? 



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