Review on the new Wellsley Farms Peanut Butter at BJ’s *NEW SERIES*

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Hi, Everyone! I’m excited to start a new series here with you on the blog. After having you all take my reader survey( now closed) I found out that 50% of you prefer to learn by watching and that 90% of you would like to see me do reviews on products at BJ’s.

For this month I will be reviewing the New Wellesley Farms Peanut Butter and the Berkley Jensen Laundry Pacs.

So I will be two doing products a month.

If you have a product you want me to review you must leave a comment below.

Another thing is I am NOT getting paid to share my review with you. I don’t get a cut of the sales if you end up buying one of these products mentioned in the review.

I do have to say that BJ’s has partnered with me to provide the product free to try.

Each review will always have a video of the product. So you can choose to continue on to read about the product or Watch the video.

New Wellsley Farms Peanut Butter

My Review of the New Wellsley Farms Peanut Butter at BJ’s.

Pretty self-explanatory in all the ways we can use Peanut Butter. From just a spread on your sandwich to the delight in your cookies. This is a pantry staple many of us have in our homes and can be used numerous ways.

The biggest benefit of this product is the ingredients and the price.

We use this product in everything that asks for peanut butter from sandwiches to cookies to dipping with Vanilla wafers.

We have been purchasing Skippy All Natural Peanut Butter from the club. The Wellsley Farms one is smoother which my entire family agrees they like it better.

Yet, the Skippy Peanut Butter has palm oil instead of hydrogenated oil. And that is what would probably keep me going back to Skippy. The two pack of Skippy Peanut Butter 48 oz. is $10.99.

My family votes for Wellsley Farms though 😉

My rule of thumb when shopping for ingredients is I tend to buy items that have 10 ingredients or less. The less amount of ingredients the better.

This New Wellsley Farms Peanut Butter has 4 ingredients.

Roasted Peanuts, Sugar, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil and Salt.

  • 7g of protein per serving
  • Gluten-free
  • No preservatives, artificial flavors or colors
  • Made in the USA
  • Includes two 48-oz. jars of peanut butter

The price is $7.99 for a 2 pk. 48 oz. each. That means each Peanut Butter Jar is only $3.99. We just had a coupon for it and because it is a BJ’s product we will be seeing more coupons available for this item.

It is comparable to Skippy. Who knows it could even be Skippy with the way companies pay for private labeling. 

It is super easy to spread not gritty at all. If you tried their Organic version it was quite pasty. This has a nice smooth creamy consistency.

My five year old and three year old loved it.

I have no complaints other then I wish it didn’t have hydrogenated oil in it. I like the price and the taste.

I give it an 9 out of 10!

You can purchase this peanut butter in club or use the new pick up and pay feature!

I would and I know others would love to hear your thoughts!

Have you tried the New Wellsley Farms Peanut Butter? What did you think?


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