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How to Create 14 Freezer Slow Cooker Meals at BJ’s Wholesale Club

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Are you tired of hearing what’s for dinner and scrambling to feed your family a quick healthy meal? Are you feeling like you just spent too much money at the grocery store and come home with things you have no idea how to create meals?

Maybe you want to stop buying all the pre-made freezer dinners and give a try to this freezer to slow cooker meals thing?

Whatever it is this meal plan can fit within your budget, offer your family healthy meals and save your sanity of creating, cooking, and planning dinner for a little over TWO WEEKS!

Meal planning got us through our 6-month spending freeze. Keeping my pantry stocked with  must-haves and looking to my pantry and fridge before heading to BJ’s or other grocery stores keeps our budget in check. It truly is about creating the perfect grocery list when it comes to staying within your budget and meal planning.

*If you do not have a budget please check out these free tools to create one. If you don’t know how much money you have to spend or don’t tell your money where to go it will go everywhere for you. 


I am launching my First Freezer to Slow Cooker Meal Plan here on the blog with you. I am pretty excited as I have not seen any BJ’s specific Freezer Meal plans out there.

You can make 14 meals and even more when you use the rest of the BJ’s ingredients from the shopping list all for $106! if you use the coupons mentioned at the bottom of the post it will be less.

This meal plan has EVERYTHING you need to get you started.

Here are three reasons why you will love this Freezer Meal Plan:

  1. All of the meals can be frozen without any cooking ahead of time.  Simply combine the ingredients in plastic freezer bags and freeze for up to three months.
  2. The meals cook for the first time out of the freezer and don’t taste like leftovers.
  3. It’s so easy to prep a bunch of meals at once and save money by buying the ingredients in bulk at BJ’s.

Now you all know how much I love saving money and let me tell you how incredibly affordable these meals are for you. For a family of 8, these meals cost $0.80 per personBEFORE any coupons.



Here is a sneak peek at what is offered in this 14 Freezer Slow Cooker Meal Plan:

freezer slow cooker meals


These meals will be prepped and ready for the freezer in an hour. All the items listed in the meal plan are for BJ’s Wholesale club and include the prices but this meal plan will work from any grocery store.


Here are the recipes:

  • Harvest Hamburger x 3
  • Chicken Stew with Biscuits x 2
  • Creamy Veggie Pasta x 2
  • The Best Minestrone Soup x 3
  • Black Bean Soup Like No Other x 3

Plus you will have one bag of ground beef to create your recipe of choice. Meal Ideas are included in the meal plan to help you prepare a month’s worth of meals after downloading your 14-day Freezer Slow Cooker Meals. 

The more time a nation devotes to food preparation at home, the lower its rate of obesity. In fact, the amount of time spent cooking predicts obesity rates more reliably than female participation in the labor force or income. Other research supports the idea that cooking is a better predictor of a healthful diet than social class.

– – Michael Pollan

You will receive a shopping list with prices for the ingredients. You will receive slow cooking tips, pantry items needed prep by prep step, and printable recipe cards for your freezer bags.

freezer slow cooker meals


Here are the current coupons you can use for the Freezer Slow Cooker Meals: 

  • Check your BJs coupon books each month to see if any can be used. Sale cycles usually come around every two months.
  • $1.75/2 Eggland’s Best Eggs BJ’s coupon from the Member Savings Booklet expires 10/31
  • $2.00/1 Swanson Chicken Broth 6 pk. 32 oz. BJ’s coupon from the Member Savings Booklet expires 10/31
  • $1.50/1 Barilla Pasta 8 pk. BJ’s coupon from the Member Savings Booklet expires 10/31
  • $1.50/1 Hunt’s Diced, Sauce or Paste BJ’s coupon from the Member Savings Booklet expires 10/31
  • That is over a $5.00 savings right there! Making this meal plan less than $0.80 per person!


Freezer Meal Cooking Not Your Thing?!

Check out Real Plans Meal Planning APP where they create a weekly grocery list, and meal menu for Breakfast Lunch and Dinner for You all accessible from your smartphone Here. 



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14 thoughts on “How to Create 14 Freezer Slow Cooker Meals at BJ’s Wholesale Club

  1. Does this meal plan make 14 different meals? I see that you only list 5 different ones. I’m a bit confused. Can you help? Thanks!

    1. HI Susan! Thank you for asking. I am going to do a video explaining it and work on clearing things up a bit. So you will end up prepping and making your freezer bags that will give you 14 meals. But you are eating each meal more then once. So it goes like this:
      Minestrone soup x 3
      Black Bean Soup x3
      Chicken Stew with Biscuits x 2
      Harvest Hamburger x 3
      Creamy Veggie Pasta x 2
      Then there is one bag left of about a pound of ground beef you can choose your own. I have a list of dinner ideas included in the meal plan to use for that bag and to fill in the rest of the month. Hope that helps and please if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask. 🙂

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