P&G Starts New Coupon Restrictions Today July 2

Today July 2nd P&Gs coupons will look a bit different. You may have noticed in your Sunday newspaper that they show a coupon but there is no barcode and they tell you to go to their site to print. 

Now you’ll notice new, red letters on your P&G coupons, outlining even stricter limits than before.


Thanks KCL for the image! 


P&G has now limited two identical coupons in one shopping trip PER DAY , PER FAMILY.  In 2010 we saw P&G putting the “4 like coupons”. It seems now P&G is hoping items are not cleared off a shelf and coupon fraud can be limited.

It is a crazy world we live in where so many people are taking advantage of coupons.

Now if you want to use more than two P&G coupons you will have to wait until the next day.


What are your thoughts on this? Share below! 

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