BJ’s Wholesale Launches Digital Coupons to Members | Add Coupons to Membership

How many times have you forgotten your coupons at home? How many times are you scrambling to look through your coupon book for a deal because you forgot to read through my grocery coupon match up list here and you become frazzled while the kids are running up and down the aisle?

All those things will be eliminated as BJ’s Wholesale club is slowly rolling out their electronic coupons. I have been informed that BJ’s is now rolling out the electronic coupons in four stores. You can look at this as a trial period to work out the kinks before this is available to all clubs.

Now available at ALL CLUBS!! Whoo hoo!

So now you can go online and add coupons to your membership card.

Read below for details on how.


BJs Wholesale add to card coupons now available



Here’s How to Add Digital Coupons:

First, you need to be signed in to with your membership number.

Then you will go to the coupon page here.  You can also sign in on this page. 

Add coupons that have a + sign.

There will also be an option to print a list that has clipless coupons and your digital coupons.

Coupons will appear on the checkout screen AFTER you hit total. So don’t freak out if you do not see the coupon come off right away like you do with clipless coupons. Once you hit total your coupons will be applied.




Will BJ’s coupon books be going away?

For now, these will continue because not everyone will have access to the online digital coupons.



So let’s chat!

What do you think about this?

Are you in one of the stores that have started this?


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