8 Ways to Get the Most out of Your BJ’s Membership

BJ's Wholesale Clubs offer discounts on many items just by being a member, but it's easy to overlook the tips and tricks to get the most of your membership.

BJ's members from our Facebook page and group shared with us their best tips on getting the most out of their BJ's membership. This was such a fun thread to read. If you aren't in our growing group of over 7k members join us here. 

Coupons Are the Best

With BJ's being the only warehouse club to accept coupons everyone agrees the coupons alone can make a BJ's membership worth the cost.

Janelle– “My membership pays for itself with the savings from coupons. Their gas prices are the best in my area so I take advantage of that as well.”

Becca-“I've learned that I save the most money when I just shop for items that are on the coupon books.”

Heidi-“Using coupons alone there is well worth it. I shopped on Sunday at our Bj's and saved just about $200 in coupons.”

Savings on Gas Add Up

BJ's in our area always has lower gas prices. The club frequently runs gas promotions making the savings greater. Many of our FB members agree the gas savings alone makes the membership worth it. If you have a My Perks card you can save 10¢/gal every time you fill up.

Monica– ” Amazing savings in gasoline! “

BJ's Brand Is Affordable

I have said before how being brand loyal is a fast way to break the budget. Many others agree that if you shop the brand that is the best buy you save money. BJ's own store brand is a great quality and a bargain.

Jessica– “I try to not be too brand loyal and buy what has coupons at that time. I have 2 toddlers and do a lot of my shopping at BJs, so the reward membership with the credit card gives me a ton of money back. Plus, you save an extra 10 cents on the already lowest gas prices around. Then throw in manufacturers’ coupons and rebate apps for extra money back.”


Buy What You Will Use

Warehouse clubs get a bad name because people think you won't use everything up. That is true to an extent. If it is a better deal it's worth buying six items rather then one. It may not be one sale in two weeks when you need the item.

Jenny– “Coupon definitely, buy bulk for items you know you will use, don't get trapped into buying 100 bananas if you won't eat them lol, but 100 rolls of tp won't go bad.”,

Clearance of Clothes

I too have found many shoes and apparel for way less than retail value. We have found name brand shoes for $6 and other members in our group have too!

Jenny– “Always check the clothes section. I find a lot of good deals there for the kids and even myself.”

Baby Items

Many people ask about the BJ's brand for diapers and the price is unbeatable. You can check out a review of BJs brand products here. 

Barry– “If you have a baby, just diapers, wipes, and formula makes your money back and then some.”

Discount Membership

There are so many ways to score a deal on a membership. You can check out all the ones I have posted to pay less for your membership here. 

Brenda- ” I always buy my membership with a friend or family member since you can get two cards. We split the cost of the membership.”

Michelle-” Online membership 40$, friend referral you both get 25$ each. Knocks it down to 15$, one BJs promotion for a 25$ gift card and they have already started paying you money. Go for the upgrade for 2% cash back…you can't beat it!”


Organic Items

I know that BJ's in our area has some of the best prices on Organic Items. I think if you shop an organic diet getting a membership at BJs will surely pay for itself if you compared Organic prices at other grocery stores.

Agnes- “Organic section, cold-cuts, laundry items, gas- pretty much everything they sell can help you save if you compare the prices to grocery stores.”

What makes your membership cost worth it? 

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