We Started a VLOG! Meet The Family!

Hey Friends! First I want to say you are an amazing community! So for that reason, I feel like I have to share this news with you. Although it’s NOT really related to shopping at BJ’s, it is related to being a frugal DIY person and saving money.

I have another blog I do as more of a hobby blog, sharing with others how we paid off our debt and save money, along with raising animals out in the country are passions of mine so I blog about that here.

This year we are starting to build a barn, which means many more animals and crazy adventures to come. If you are curious at all about getting to know myself and family a little bit better you will want to check out our new Vlog.

Not sure what a vlog is? It is a video blog. That means we are just sharing our daily to-dos ( mostly about building the barn and what we are doing out here in the country) with you through video.

You can follow along on our Youtube channel ( where BJ’s video deals are posted as well) or I will be doing a post with the video on the website. I probably won’t be sharing the video vlogs here on the Mybjswholesale site unless you all want me to do that as a reminder.

So check it out below if you are interested and if not check out our recent BJ’s deal posts over to the right!


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