Vlog Update: Kitchen Makeover, Roof on Barn


Oh, my has it been a crazy couple of weeks. Spring is finally here in Western New York! I planted some flowers in adorable planters I found at Tractor Supply! I'll be sharing a post with you all Monday about my farmhouse decor finds. If you love affordable Farmhouse decor you may want to check out my Big Lots Roundup post here.


I planted some flowers in adorable planters I found at Tractor Supply! I’ll be sharing a post with you all Monday about my farmhouse decor finds. If you love affordable Farmhouse decor you may want to check out my Big Lots Roundup post here.


We adopted a mini pig named Olive from Lollipop farms near us. She is a sweetheart.  After one week with her on the farm, we introduced her to Bently and things were crazy. I'll be sharing a video coming up. Let's just say they are still separate now. Until Olive stops biting at the fence and challenging him, they are staying apart.

We had a couple rainy windy days over the weekend, so my husband Eric worked on lighting in the kitchen. We had a very ugly outdated light fixture. You can see where it was on the top of the ceiling.

Some of you may be looking at this picture and my random painted cabinets would probably drive you crazy. It is a slow process but coming along. I can look past the imperfections for now. I painted the ceiling and it was a tough one. It is a low ceiling so the angle was interesting. I was glad to strengthen muscles that haven't been worked in awhile. If I'm looking at the positive here.



farm life vlog- kitchen-makeover


The stacked wood wall still needs to get brushed and cleaned. We only did one side. Oh the projects are endless when you do it yourself, but the amount of money we save-worth it!


farm life vlog- kitchen-makeover


The brightness of the lights is amazing. I recommend the recessed ceiling lights 100%. We installed this lighting upstairs in the playroom and girls room and kept it in the dining room too.  If you missed the previous video when we were starting the kitchen makeover there was a cabinet in the corner. We removed it because it was too big and bulky. That door on the side goes to the garage and you can see the light coming through. It isn't a normal size door. With the cabinet out we can install a normal size interior door. This corner I am going to make a coffee bar area.


You can check out how we brought barn beams into our dining room here. Or pin it for later.

I thought our duck hens disappeared due to a predator, but I'm 90% sure they went to our neighbor's pond. I'm hoping they are over there sitting on eggs.

I had no idea ducks sit on eggs for about 28 days! The reason we don't see the ducks is because they sit on eggs for 20-23 hours a day.

Spring is a wonderful time and I am sure you agree. We are just starting to see everything bud and the anticipation is so exciting.

I hope that wherever you are in life, that you can enjoy the hope and renewal of a new day. I know looking back when I was knee deep in diapers, bills, and longing to just go out and buy one home decor item I wanted, it was hard to see the beauty spring brings to your soul.

READ OR PIN FOR LATER: Our Debt Free Story- How we paid off $52

Some days I struggled to find hope in the situation, and if I wasn't using my income from my job at the time to pay off debt, maybe I would be happier buying a new outfit for my kids or myself.

I needed the constant reminder there is hope. There is a new start to every day. In due time you will be exactly where you wanted to be, well probably not exactly, but you will be in a place that was better than you imagined.

Don't give up the fight, don't lose hope. Continue to push through be diligent and listen to where the Lord is telling you to go.

Here's our next Farm Life Vlog Video! Olive did great riding in the car home! Riley our daughter was the narrator. 

Thank you for checking out my blog and our videos. Your support of this journey means so much to me and I am so grateful for you. 


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