Clever Products To Help Organize Your Small Kitchen


You're in the hot kitchen, it's cramped all you need is a spatula. You're panicking looking through your drawers, while your Chicken Filets are near burning.

You grab two large salad forks and flip your filet which gives you enough time to find that spatula. You open the dishwasher. Sure enough there it is. Dirty, covered in mac and cheese gobs. Now you gotta clean it before you can use it. Is this you?

So many times I find myself cleaning something before I can use it. I'm limited on space, and supplies.

To solve my problem I bought a simple Magnetic Strip for $13 on an Amazon. Now I put all my steel utensils on it. No more lost spatula.

The list below will show you products to save space, time, money and the headache of a small disorganized kitchen.

All on Amazon so you can benefit from Prime 2-Day shipping and a fantastic return policy.






2-Tier Stainless Steel Corner Storage Shelf Organizer

Keep things off the counter! Counter space is everything in small kitchens. This tucks away nicely into a corner, elevating any spices, oils, or other kitchen gadgets.


mybjswholesale amazon 2 tier kitchen rack





Over the Cabinet Door Organizer Holder, Silver

Conveniently store your cutting boards, any cooking wraps, cookie sheets etc.



cabinet organizer amazon mybjswholesale small kitchen




Over Cabinet Kitchen Storage Organizer Holder or Basket

Store over 50 plastic bags! I always tell myself I'm just gonna stop using them, and always end up with more than I'll ever need.


mybjswholesale amazon small kitchen products




OXO Good Grips 10-Piece Airtight Food Storage POP Container Value Set


These airtight, space-saving storage containers keep your dry foods fresh and your pantry organized! OXO makes great products too. 

mybjswholesale small kitchen organization products




AmazonBasics 3-Shelf Shelving Unit

This little steel 3 tier shelf is fantastic. I love mine, I use it to store Tupperware, bakeware, and occasionally a crock-pot or rice steamer.


mybjswholesale 3 tier kitchen rack amazon





YouCopia CoffeeStack 40 Keurig K-Cup Cabinet Organizer 

Easily organize 40 k cups. Plus it extends out and pulls down so you can see the labels!


mybjswholesale k cup organizer small kitchen products





YouCopia TeaStand 100+ Tea Bag Organizer 

I reuse the old tea tins, but after a while, it isn't efficient. You get more teas, some phase-out, some you have just too much of. This narrows your options down and saves space. I love that you can mount this.


mybjswholesale tea organizer small kitchen





Magnetic Spice Jars

These convenient little tins attach to most doors or fridges. These also include sticker labels as well. It is so frustrating when you can't find a certain spice in the cabinet or worse when you spill it. I do advise caution with these, in a rush I've launched mine off and sent the lid flying.


mybjswholesale magnetic spice tins




2 Pack – DecoBros Stackable Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

Great for stacking plates, cups, jars, etc. This foldable organizer saves so much space too when you aren't using it. Almost like cookie racks. The idea is to keep things off the counter and save as much space in the cabinets or closets!


mybjswholesale 2 tier shelf




Zevro KCH-06119/GAT102 Indispensable Dry Food Dispenser, Single Control, Silver

It's insane how much space cereal boxes take up. But you could have fun with these, Fruit Snacks, Granola, Dried Fruit, Or even Pet Food. Plus they add a cool look to the Kitchen.


mybjswholesale small kitchen dispenser



YouCopia StoreMore Adjustable Bakeware Rack 

Organize Pans, platters or cutting boards in the lower cabinets or pantry. The dividers adjust so you can put bakeware in all different sizes.


mybjswholesale dish rack amazon kitchen organization





Cabidor Classic Storage Cabinet

Bet you didn't know about this one! This is the coolest thing on this list by far! This attaches to a door via hinges and integrates with the door. There are 8 shelves and its about 5 standard medicine cabinets. Available in white, Chalkboard finish, or even a mirror finish.


mybjswholesale small kitchen products




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