How to Win our Weekly Gift Card Giveaways

We just ended our annual 20 days of giveaways event and what a ton of fun it was! 20 people were blessed with different gift cards, kitchen appliances and more!

If you missed it you will want to join us in 2019 in November for our third annual 20 Days of Giveaways!

There is good news going forward! We aren’t stopping our giveaways! For over a year now I have been giving away BJ’s gift cards out to readers weekly.


Right now and through the month of December you have a few different ways for a chance at winning a BJ’s Gift card.


  1. Join our newsletter and open our emails for a chance to win a $25 BJ’s gift card WEEKLY.
  2. Leave comments on our BLOG posts. Every comment is a chance to win a $25 BJ’s Gift card weekly.
  3. Every Month we give out gift cards to our top ACTIVE members in our Facebook group.


You can participate in all three ways or pick the one that works the best for you.

Winners will be announced on Monday’s. 


Either way, I’ve been so blessed in my life. In fact, being able to wake up and choose where I will go what I will do, is a blessing in itself.


We are called to share our blessings and love with others. That’s what I want to do is love you well.

You can sign up for our newsletter in the box below.




Subscribe to our email for a weekly chance to win a $25 BJ's gift card.

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