After Tasting 4 Different Coffees at BJs- This is My Favorite

It's safe to say I love my coffee, and if you follow us on social media, you probably know that. All those cute shirts, mugs, etc, that say, But First Coffee fit me perfectly. The ones I wear and the saying 😉

I've also worked at Dunkin Donuts for years, Tim Hortons for a brief few months, and as a Starbucks manager for a couple of years. I love my coffee.

The Perfect Cup of Coffee

A perfect morning is quiet before any animals or kids are awake, and I can have a nice fresh cup with something sweet, preferably a brownie, donut, ahh, the dreams.

I've heard several of you say how much you love coffee, too, and recently saw BJs has a selection of their own brand of coffee.

When I worked at a nonprofit after my Starbucks days, when I said I was done with retail, I bought coffee for the office. That job also introduced me to BJ's Wholesale Club. Funny how life has a way of connecting all things right?

I prefer to drink darker roasted with a little splash of cream. If it is a medium roast I will drink it black, sometimes, I'll add Stevia, but it all depends on the roast.

The safest bet is just cream in the coffee.

I use my favorite brewer EVER- My Ninja! I love it so much that I gave one away during our popular 20 days of giveaways. My brother Taylor who helps run this blog with me, has one, and I bought one for my parents. I did a Facebook live video of the Ninja if you are curious here.

I did it on my phone, so yeah! (And fast forward, I do get it right side up!)

It is right up there with my KitchenAid mixer.

The Best Coffee You Can Find at BJs

eight-o-clock coffee-bjs-coupon

Fresh Budget Choice

Eight O Clock is a great choice for those who want a sweeter blend. It is a medium roast but the game changer is grinding it fresh in the club.

The price is also a big factor at only $14.99 for 42 oz. BJs offers coupons frequently for it as well. You can use our coupon database here to check for current coupons.

*Plus BJs is the only wholesale club to accept manufacturer coupons. 

  • New to couponing at BJ's? Get started on our FAQ page here.
BJs coffee choices



Dunkin Donuts is a popular choice at BJs for coffee. This was the only coffee I could grab when I worked at my first nonprofit.

The one after working at Starbucks. It was hard for me to adjust to drinking free Dunkin Donuts when I worked at Starbucks for the past two years, but free is free.

I will tell you the brewer makes the biggest difference. In our Ninja, even the weakest coffee tastes good. This is the safest bet for a nice medium mellow brew.

It's smooth and offers a nice balance that doesn't have any burnt flavor you may find sometimes. This is too mild for my liking but a great choice for those who don't like strong coffee.

starbucks coffee deal at BJs

Starbucks Verona

This is my personal FAVORITE! The one I buy nine times out of 10. The exception is if I need coffee when there isn't the $5 off Starbucks BJs coupon. 

This is a dark roast that has a touch of sweetness yet a little chocolate flavor. It leaves with a stronger finish but yet smooth.

  • Check the coupon database for any BJs or manufacturer coupons here.

Organic Sumatra Estate

For anyone looking for an organic option, the Wellsley Farms brand is your choice. This is a dark roast and has a 100% money-back guarantee. It is not as strong as Starbucks but not as weak as Dunkin!

If that helps. I was on the kick of this one for a while when I went through a phase of only buying Organic items. That story is for another day though right?!

Plus, you can find BJs coupons for this coffee; depending on when you are reading this.

That completes my best BJs coffee choices!


What are your favorite coffees from BJs?

Or which one will you be trying this week?

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