BJ’s Brand Razors are the WORST!

Berkley Jensen Women’s razors are not worth the money. As a loyal BJ’s member for over ten years, I’ve tried plenty of their products.

I’ve been running this blog for three years now and have been reviewing BJs brand items too.

This one is bad.

It wasn’t always terrible. In the past BJs women’s razors were similar to Venus. I don’t know when they made the exact switch but is been in the last year.

The new Berkley Jensen Women’s razors are the worst.

The Cost

Berkley Jensen Women’s Triple Blade Razors come in an 18 pack. They are $14.99. That makes each razor 87¢! Which is why this was my go to.

Now they are your typical cheap razors. I couldn’t even use it a second time. The blades are NOT smooth. There isn’t any movement to the razor heads.

You can see from the picture they are back to the typical cheap razors you can find anywhere for less than $1.

They are not worth the cheap price at all. This is the first item I have brought an item back to BJs due to poor quality. Even on the website the two reviews there are bad ones.

I decided to grab the Walmart brand equate comparable to Venus razors, because Venus razors are awesome but expensive.

It was like a fresh of breath air. The Walmart brand razors cost is $4.86 for three. They are 5 blades and well worth the $1.62 a razor price.

If BJ’s brought back the old razors comparable to Venus I would consider switching back. For now, I won’t be buying razors anytime soon at the club.

What about you? Have you tried these razors?

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