Should Frugal People Buy New Appliances?!


Here’s the thing. I once was cheap, but now I’m more frugal.  I didn’t care back in the early days of my twenties where something was made if it was a $1 it was a deal and I wanted it. Until I had to keep buying that $1 item multiple times. Frugal is about choosing quality and getting it for a good price right?

If you have followed me over on my lifestyle blog we are wrapping up building our barn and I decided to redo our kitchen while my husband did the barn.

I struggled with buying a new stove. For real.

I finally went for it and wrote a little article about it. For those who may also be wondering if you should buy something new, especially a big purchase like appliances.

Click here to read my latest article about whether or not frugal people should buy new items. 

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