8 BJs Items You Need to Pick Up at Curbside

If you’ve been entertaining the idea of picking up your groceries you’ve probably heard your mom or your grandma tell you there was no such thing when I was your age.

It’s one of those changes that come with the generation and growing technology.

As a Frugal Mom myself I struggle with convenience over cost. I know the fear of shopping with the kids, coupons, and the meltdowns.

This makes buying your groceries online and having them placed conveniently in your trunk is very appealing to many shoppers today.

BJ’s is trying to keep up with competition and you can order your items online and pickup at curbside.

You can still do your order online and pickup in club if you plan to use manufacturer paper coupons.

But let me tell you with BJ’s double coupon stacking there is no need as much to do that. You can do it all online and have it brought to your car for you for FREE!

BJ’s has partnered with Instacart now allowing you to have your groceries delivered right to your home.

For any of you who are on the fence about wondering if you should you use a service such as BJs curbside pickup here are my eight items to start with for ease of pick up and pay.

I am choosing all BJs brands for the following items. They tend to be cheaper than name brand items. You can clip coupons with pick up and pay. To see how to clip online coupons when shopping at BJs.com go here.

How It Works

First head on over to the BJ’s Wholesale Club website.

Select the “Shop This Club”/”My Club” button to set this Club as your home Club.

BJ's Pick Up and Pay

· You can now search for items on Bjs.com. Items that are eligible for this program will have the “Pick Up In-Club” text under the price.

BJ's Pick Up and Pay

Once your Reservation is ready to be picked up, you will receive a confirmation email.

*Orders reserved before 1pm are eligible to be picked up in-Club after 5pm the same day the reservation was placed.
*Orders reserved after 1pm are eligible to be picked up in-Club the next da

f you need to cancel/reschedule your Reservation, please contact BJ’s Member Care (1-800-257-2582).

You can view a whole list of FAQs on this new BJ’s Pick Up and Pay process HERE.

Items to Grab Using BJ’s Pick Up & Pay Service

Toilet paper

You can’t go wrong with BJs brand toilet paper! This 2 play bath tissue is a staple in our house. We have a septic system so I’m paranoid about using too thick of toilet paper. This one has been working great for us and I love when there is a coupon to pair.

You get 26 sheets for $18.99. It has a 100% money back guarantee.

bounty paper towel

Paper Towel

We did a video to compare BJs paper towels to Bounty here. Many of the members on our Facebook page would rather pay a cheaper price for the BJs ones. You can’t go wrong when you need paper towels with the BJs brand.

You get 12 rolls with 160 sheets per roll for $15.99.

berkley jensen laundry detergent

Laundry Detergent

I once was a Tide Fan, then Persil and now I’m liking this new Sport Laundry Detergent. I’m going for the one that is cheapest with a coupon, but when you need an easy deal on Laundry Detergent this is your pick.

It’s cheap without a coupon and when you can stack a coupon it’s a stock up deal for laundry detergent.

You get 170 oz. for $15.99. Right now there is a clipless coupon to save $2.50. You will pay $13.49!




Buying bulk diapers is always a good choice. No need to constantly be running out to the store week after week. Stock up with the Berkley Jensen diapers. Wondering how they are? This is a very popular discussion in our Facebook group here. Use the search form in the group for diapers to see past discussion. Majority agrees they do the job!

Size 2 is $15.99 for 112 ct. They have size 2 up to size 6 for diapers. 100% money back guarantee too.

Garbage Bags

I have been using the Berkley Jensen kitchen 13 gallon trash bags for the past four years. Today when searching online I can’t find them! We buy a box usually twice a year. Not sure if it is select clubs only, but if yours has the BJ’s brand its a deal. The glad Kitchen Bags are still a good price and you can use manufacturer coupons with those.

It’s an easy item to add to pick up and pay so you don’t have to push a heavy cart.

You get Glad 13 gallon trash bags 150 ct. for $16.99 before any coupons.

Dog/Cat Food

I always get cat food at BJs because there are always coupons for Purina. I find BJ’s to be the best deal on Cat food. They also have their own brand of Dog Food, which we have been using for the past year and a half.

Recently they switched the dog food and I’m not sure if my dogs like it as much. It’s a great item to have ready to go instead of filling your cart at BJs.

Dish Soap

If you are looking for an affordable dish soap consider the Berkley Jensen Dish detergent. You get 100 oz. for $6.99.

I hope you will consider using the BJ’s pick up and pay option for your big bulk items at the club. If you are new to shopping at BJs pick up my couponing/shopping guide HERE.


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