5 Things You Must Do BEFORE You Walk In BJs to Save Money

It doesn't matter if you are vetern shopper at BJ's Wholesale or brand new, we all want to save more money when we shop for groceries.

I believe that many people get a deal on wholesale clubs because they want an easier way to save money.

I totally get it. Today I've shared a video of my 5 things you must do before you even walk into BJs today to save money.

If you miss out on doing these things, I imagine you are going to spend more money.

Check out the video below or scroll down for the SUPER quick recap. Don't forget to follow me on Youtube, and if you love video content, follow me on TikTok.

Let's recap for those who don't want to hear me chat!

  1. Use the BJs app to clip ALL the coupons. If you hate apps go to bjs.com and login and clip all the coupons that way. Always clip them all. You never know what may be on clearance or you need and forgot to clip the coupon.

2. Pick up an extra booklet on your way inside to remind of you the coupons you clipped and in case you buy more than one item.

Check my website. The one you are on RIGHT Now. On the homepage of tap here to see all the latest clearance and new coupon stacks I'm finding at BJs and sharing with you.

3. Go in with a budget. Take out your calculator and put your budget into. Every time an item goes into your cart you deduct that from your total.

So let's say you start at $250, you add Pirate's booty, you deduct the amount. That way it helps you realize wants and needs.

4. Take a good look at your gas tank and gas promo items. Decide if you should fill up today or the next trip. Work the high octane gas items to your advantage.

5. Check for any current promotions. Right now there is the $25 BJs gift card when you buy $100 P&G items here.

Need a $25 BJ's membership deal? Grab it here.

What tips do you have to help us save more money at BJs?

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