10 Best BJ’s Brand Items You Didn’t Know You Needed

Here at MyBJsWholesale, we’re always trying to find the best items for club members. Do BJs have their own brand? They do! Anything labeled Berkley Jensen, or Wellsley Farms is a BJs brand item. Another perk to BJ’s brand items they come with a 100% money-back guarantee.

You may have some staples you always scout out at the club. But have you considered these Berkley Jensen items? Here are 10 of the best BJ’s brand items you didn’t know you needed.

Let us know in the comments if you love any of these items too?


bjs brand battery deal online shipped

Batteries are always one of those things where you’ll find yourself searching that junk drawer, or taking batteries from other remotes and devices. Look, BJs always have batteries. And it’s not like we’re going around doing an inventory and battery test on all our devices.

So just grab a box. This Berkley Jensen AA Batteries Box has 48 for $16.99. That’s just 0.35¢ a battery! We’ve used these and haven’t noticed a difference compared to other name-brand Alkaline batteries.

Organic Salad Mixes

Have you gotten your greens? Really though, BJs has their own organic salad mixes and for what you get its a great price. Different lettuce mixes, spring mixes, spinach, arugula and more. 16 oz and 5 oz varieties for $3.99 or less.

Which is about nine servings each. You can select your favorites online and pick them up in-store.

wellsley farms organic salad bjs

Almond Butter & Coconut Oil

These can be pantry staples, and would be if they prices were better. Did you know BJs has their own brand of Almond Butter and Coconut Oil? Yeah the Almond Butter is $8.99 for a 27oz jar, and the Coconut Oil is 54oz for $14.99. Both of which often have coupons! The Peanut Butter is also Wellsley Farms in a 36oz jar for $8.99.

Organic EVOO

It’s a cooking staple. Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Wellsley Farms! For how much you might pay at the local grocery store, this is a steal of a deal folks. Have enough for all your favorite recipes totaling a net weight of 2 liters. You can find this on sale quite often too. Normal price is $13.49. Order online and pick up in-store or have it shipped.

wellsley farms organic extra virgin olive oil

K Cups & Ground Coffee

Coffee. Whether you need it or don’t it’s always nice to have. It doesn’t have to be Starbucks or Dunkin, so you can save on BJs brand. Store it longer by freezing it to prolong its shelf life.

The K Cups include 100 for $32.99. Be sure to check for sales on these items. Another great thing on shopping BJs brand is they are likely to promote them with coupons! The Colombian ground coffee is $12.49 for 2.5 lbs.

Vanilla Ice Cream

Speaking of taking of Freezer space. I don’t know of many other places that sell a 64oz container of Vanilla Ice Cream for $3.99. That’s always the price. Sometimes they put up a coupon. Use it in smoothies, iced coffees, on your waffles, or with cereal. It’s a flavor most people won’t argue with, has lots of versatility, many of BJs members love this ice cream.

wellsley farms ice cream

Water Pitcher Filters

Did you know BJs has their own brand of Brita water filters? They sell a 9pk for $21 online. You don’t have to pre rinse them, and you won’t find those black charcoal bits in water. I’ve used these in my brita and they are great. I don’t think they last as long however as Brita filters. But for only $2.40 a filter they are fantastic.

Brita Filter

Over the Counter Medication

Pain relief, allergy medication, supplements and more are all available at BJs for great prices. Often name brand for common medication doesn’t make much of a difference compared to store brand. It’s always nice to have some medication on hand, plus its in bulk. BJs has their own brand of allergy relief medication that I usually get.

One bottle of 365 pills for $13 lasts a long time. Check out their over the counter medication for all the choices they offer.

berkley jensen allergy pills

Salts & Spices

Those that cook know how important basic seasoning is! Bjs has their own brand of Wellsley Farms Salts & Spices.
I love the Himalayan Pink Salt. In fact, you can buy a 5lb tub like I did for $6.99. Look for all the Salts and spices BJs has online here.

Lunch Snacks

Great snacks like Granola bars, protein bars, and other pre packaged snacks are a great buy at BJs. They have their own cookies and creme bars I love and some fruit and grain cereal bars that are perfect during outdoor activities. They are likely to have a pretty decent shelf life, and you can often find them on sale. See all the snack bars here.

Distilled White Vinegar

Something you will always need, and often forget because its stored under the sink. Grab an entire gallon of BJs brand Distilled White Vinegar for $2.49. Great for cleaning and cooking. Another great store brand item to grab.

Did we miss anything? What do you always forget but know that BJs has? What is your favorite BJs brand item? Let us know in the comments below.

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