Does BJ’s Sell Car Batteries?

Car batteries are one of the great deals you can find at BJ's Wholesale Club. But getting your new battery in place might be a challenge if you're not handy under the hood.

Does BJ's install car batteries? Does BJ's sell car batteries? Are BJ's car batteries good quality?

Here's what you need to know about car batteries at BJ's.

BJ's wholesale club building

Does BJ's Install Car Batteries?

No, they do not. They only install tires that they sell. You can call several places to see if they will install a battery purchased from BJ's, but installation is not something that BJ's offers. Some of the most popular sites to get a car battery installed are Napa, AutoZone, Pep Boys, Walmart, and O’Reilly.

What is BJ's Wholesale club?

BJ's club is a membership-only warehouse club. It is similar to Costco and Sam's club. I think it's the underdog when it comes to wholesale clubs.

BJ's is expanding its stores' footprint every year. Currently, they have 217 stores in 17 states. You can use the store locator here.

You can sign up for $25 for the entire year online if you do not have a BJ's club membership. The regular cost for a year's membership is $55.

Does BJ's Sell Car Batteries?

Yes, BJ's sells car and truck batteries and marine, golf, lawn, and garden batteries. You must be a BJ member to purchase a car battery. Batteries are only available to buy in clubs in the automotive section. They are not available online.

Prices for car batteries range from region to region. You will need to call your local club to find the exact cost of the battery you need.

You can get your golf car battery, four-wheeler, and boat batteries at BJ's automotive section. BJ's car and tire services usually have their private entrance where you can pull up to the area and bring in your car battery.

There are three different Interstate battery models to choose from at BJs.

Choose from Interstate Silver, Interstate Gold, and Interstate Gold AGM.

Are BJ's Car Batteries Good?

The BJ's vehicle battery brands in our local area are Interstate and Exide Premium. It depends on your region what car battery brand will be available. There is an excellent review on Exide here.

Reviews for car batteries are mixed. Some people have had good experiences with them, while others have not.

You'll find reviews on the website saying that customers had a battery last 50 months. Others said the warranty wasn't honored.

There is a mix of reviews saying the car battery didn't last as long as others.

As with any product, it may be best to read reviews before making a purchase.

You can join our Facebook group here to find out if other BJ's, Sam's, and Costco Members think purchasing a car battery from a wholesale club is worth it.

Most BJ car batteries come with a warranty. For example, this Exide Premium Extreme  Global 51RX Auto Battery has a 40-month warranty.

Here's a quick look at some of the features of this battery.

Product Features:

  • OEM-compatible 51R battery is designed to fit select cars and trucks
  • Silver Shield technology provides longer, reliable battery life
  • Enhanced durability helps retain a charge in harsh conditions
  • Lead acid chemistry510 cold cranking amps (CCA) at 0°F and 610 cranking amps (CA) at 32°F70 minutes reserve capacity (RC) at 25 amps40.6 amps at 20 hours (Ah) reference rating
  • A terminals
  • Current: 610 amps. Includes battery and 40 months of free jumpstart
  • Warranty: 40 months

Does BJ's Replace Car Batteries?

BJ's does not offer a replacement for your car battery. However, if you purchase a car battery under the warranty period, then you can bring your battery back to the store for a replacement.

Are Batteries Cheaper at BJ's?

Yes! As mentioned above, car batteries are significantly cheaper at BJ's than at other retailers like Walmart and dealerships. BJ's does charge a core charge of $20 but will waive it when you bring in an old battery.

Some states like NY also have a $5 charge that will be waived when you get in an old battery. So here is the info on that for my fellow New Yorkers.

Do BJ's Batteries Come with a Warranty?

Most BJ's batteries come with a twenty- or forty-month warranty. Therefore, if you purchase a vehicle battery at BJ's Wholesale club, you will need to return it to BJ's Wholesale Club for the warranty.

You do not need to return it to the BJ's location you purchased from. You can return any item from BJ's to any other BJ's Wholesale club.

Can You Buy a Battery From BJ's Online?

You can only purchase a battery in-store.

Can you return car batteries to BJ's?

Yes, you can return car batteries to BJ's. You have two options for how they will handle your device: refund or replace it with another one during the warranty period—usually twenty- forty months.

Will BJ's Take Old Car Batteries?

Yes, you can bring in your old car battery, and BJ's will dispose of it. However, it's better to bring your old battery with you when purchasing because there is a $20 core charge, but they will waive it when you bring in the older battery.

Whether you need a traditional lead-acid battery or something more specialized like an AGM battery, BJ's Wholesale Club has covered you—and at hard-to-be-att beat prices.

So next time you're wondering, “does BJ's sell car batteries?” the answer is yes! Plus, with their warranty and waived core charge (with old battery trade-in), there's no reason not to buy your next car battery at BJ's.

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