How to Get a Discount on BJ’s Same Day Select Services

Are you tired of waiting days for your online orders to arrive? With the rising demand for expedited delivery services, BJ's Wholesale Club has stepped up to the challenge by offering a Same-Day Select Delivery service exclusively for BJ's members at a 20% discount.

This is a new service for BJ's members, where you will pay a yearly fee on top of your membership fee to have unlimited same-day grocery delivery services.

Is it worth it? It will depend on how much you shop at BJ's Wholesale Club and how many deliveries you need throughout the month.

For a limited time, you can save 20% off the two same-day select packages BJ's offers.

Package 1 is Same Day Select Unlimited.

Unlimited deliveries over 12 months for $80 BJ's says this pays for itself in 7 uses**.

Package 2 is Same Day Select Multipack.

12 Deliveries over 12 months for $40 Pays for itself in 4 uses**

You have to be a BJ's member to use this service.

Need to Know About Same-Day Select

You will go through the BJs website to place your same-day delivery order. When you add an item to your cart, you can choose from the pickup, same day, or, if available, shipped.

You can still clip BJ's coupons for same-day delivery items.

If you are not a Same Select BJ's member, there is a $14.99 charge for same-day delivery. They do automatically put a driver tip on your order. The more items you order, the more the amount increases.

There is a minimum of a $60 purchase even with this package, so keep that in mind. It's not hard to get to $60 when you shop in bulk, but if you want to use this service for basic items like your milk and eggs, you must meet that threshold.

You can tap the edit button next to it and change it to the amount you would like. This is something to consider as an additional cost even if you choose a same-day select package.

If you want to do weekly or even biweekly grocery orders, paying a $14.99 fee adds up, and a select option may save you money.

However, if you only do a few every couple of months, you may be better off skipping this package.

bjs same day delivry for free


What is the expiration date?

Once purchased, this Membership add-on is good for 12 months. If your Membership expires during this time, the remaining months of your Same-Day Select add-on will be available once you renew your online account.

However, the add-on will expire 12 months after purchase, even if you do not renew your online account. Your membership expiration date is the last day of the month and year shown on your register receipts and your “My Account” page on BJs website.

Is there a minimum order value for Same-Day Select delivery?

Delivery is available for Same-Day Select orders of $60 or more.

Are there any item limitations when using Same-Day Select?

All grocery items, including Fresh and everyday essential household supplies, are available for Delivery through Same-Day Select.* Eligible items may vary depending on your location.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept all major U.S. credit and debit cards, including BJ's Mastercard. In select locations, EBT cards are accepted for SNAP EBT-eligible items.

How do I return; how do I cancel/edit an order?

For assistance with your order, please call 1-800‑257‑2582.

What preventive measures do Same-Day Select Delivery (shopped by a third-party vendor) shoppers take while fulfilling orders?

Our third-party shoppers have implemented no-contact deliveries. Shoppers receive gloves and face masks at their local BJ's Clubs. Our

third-party shoppers also have sent individual safety kits, including gloves and hand sanitizer, to their most active shoppers and those in high-risk areas.

Membership Options

BJ's offers two different membership packages – Inner Circle and Perks Rewards. Inner Circle is priced at $55 per year and offers exclusive access to BJ's clubs and services, including same-day delivery, discounted gas, and online shopping.

On the other hand, Perks Rewards is priced at $110 per year and offers all the benefits of Inner Circle in addition to cashback on most BJ's purchases and early shopping hours.

If you're not yet a BJ's member, now is the perfect time to join! You can sign up for a membership at a discounted rate of $25 instead of the usual $55 yearly fee. That's right – enjoy all the perks and benefits of a BJ's Membership at a fraction of the cost.

Not only do these packages offer convenience and save time, but they also save you money in the long run if you use them frequently. The Same-Day Select Delivery service pays for itself in just a few uses.

Why drive to the store or wait for delivery when you can have your items delivered on the same day, right to your doorstep?

Don't miss out on this exciting new promotion – order now and experience the convenience of BJ's Same-Day Select Delivery service. Join BJ's Wholesale Club today and elevate your shopping experience.

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