BJ’s Club’s Latest Gas Promo

Are you tired of feeling the pinch at the gas pump? It's time to take charge and start saving! BJ's Wholesale Club has rolled out an exciting new promotion.

Starting today, you can earn $0.50 off per gallon of gas at BJ's gas stations when you spend $150 or more in one transaction. The best part is you can get this gas promotion on top of the Fuel Saver promotion!

Double gas dipping deals yes!

gas items at bjs wholesale club

Qualifying Criteria

So, how exactly does this promotion work? First, you must spend $150 in one transaction at BJ's Wholesale Club. This promotion is available to all BJ's members, both in-club and online pick-up purchases, making it super convenient and accessible for all BJ's shoppers.

You must fill up the gas the same day you spend $150 or more.

There is a $99 or 40-gal. Maximum, whichever comes first limit. Discounts can be earned once per day, but you can do this promotion multiple times from 12/26/23 – 1/14/24.

Items that won't count towards your gas promotion discounts are sales taxes and fees, bottle deposits, alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and tobacco-related products, lottery tickets, gift cards, propane, BJ’s Gas,® optical purchases, BJ's membership fees and add-ons, warranties and protection plans, BJ’s services provided by third parties (such as BJ’s Home Improvement,® BJ’s Travel,® DoorDash, Instacart), and BJ’s B2B and BJ’s Global Sales transactions. 

Discount is earned at time of pick up for buy online, pick up in-club/curbside purchases and the fuel purchase must be made the same day as pickup. Discounts may not appear at the pump for 15 minutes from checkout.


Deal Scenarios

Let's look at some real-life examples of how much money you can save using this promotion. Say you filled up your tank with the 40 gallons of gas maximum, and the current price is $3.34 a gallon.

Normally, you'd spend $133 to fill up your tank. But with the $0.50 off per gallon promotion, you'd only pay $113, saving you $20 on that single transaction alone. But if you stack it with the Fuel Saver promotion, you can save even more.

Let's say while you were shopping at BJs and spent $150 or more, you bought Babybel, Hint Flavored Water, a bag of Apple Straws, a bag of Veggie Straws, and a pack of Wise Variety chips. That would give you an extra $0.50 off a gallon of gas because each item gives you a discount of $0.10 off a gallon of gas.

The Fuel Saver gas list is a decent size this month for the list and details tap here.

Now, when you go to pump your gas, as long as you meet your $150 spend requirement, you'll get $1 off a gallon of gas. This gives you a $40 savings and paying $93 for a 40-gallon fill-up instead of $133!

You can stack BJ's coupons with both gas promotions, for the $150 spend the amount must be met AFTER discounts and coupons.

one day pass at BJ's wholesale club


Wondering the benefits of shopping at BJ's Wholesale Club besides the gas savings promotion? First, BJ's is known for its unbeatable prices on bulk items, which is perfect for those who want to save time and money on grocery shopping.

BJ's is the only club to accept manufacturer coupons, and we often share many double-dipping deals on the blog. This is the best way to maximize your savings and shrink that grocery bill.

Additionally, BJ's members can earn cashback rewards on select purchases, making it an even smarter and more rewarding way to shop.

If you're not already a BJ's member, signing up is easy and affordable it's only $20 for new members – and you'll immediately have access to this gas savings promotion and many other exclusive members-only deals.

First, note that the maximum amount you can fill up is $0 gallons or spend $99, whichever comes first, so if you're planning on filling up a giant truck with gas, you may not benefit from the full discount.

Additionally, the promotion doesn't apply if the gas price at BJ's Gas® is lower than the average prices in the surrounding area. But even with those limitations in place, this promotion is still a great opportunity to save on gas, no matter what kind of vehicle you have.

Overall, BJ's Wholesale Club's new gas savings promotion is a win-win for everyone. Not only do you get to save money on gas, but you'll also benefit from all the other perks of being a BJ's member.

With everything we've detailed above, we're confident that this promotion will be a huge hit among BJ's members.

So go ahead, fill ‘er up and start saving today!

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