6 BJ’s Club Meals That Are Cheaper Than Buying Takeout

Dread the dinner decision? Me too. You're standing in your kitchen, time's ticking, and the thought of another round of takeout bills just isn't cutting it. That's why I'm here to sprinkle your world with six BJ's Club meals that save you cash and ensure you’re not tearing your hair out thinking of what to make every night.

You get what’s essentially takeaway, but at a fraction of the price. Plus, they’re so easy to whip up that even my kitchen fails can't screw them up (well, 90% of the time… okay, 85%). There’s a little something for everyone here.

Ready to dine like royalty without the royal expense? Well, pull up a chair. It's time to chat about food.

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beef and broccoli bowl at BJ's wholesale club - BJ's club meals

Meal 1: Kahki Beef and Broccoli 44 oz. $11.49

We're kicking this list off with the classic Beef and Broccoli. Ready in a flash, this 44-ounce giant is cheaper than a meal for two at any decent Panda Express.

I mean, the 44 oz. label is no joke — that's enough for a couple of dinners, a lunch, and a sneaky midnight snack. It's my personal lifesaver on days when I'm so hungry I could eat my furniture. I’d still save money on my meal, though. Win-win!

But here's where I one-up takeout: I get to customize this as I please. Add some extra heat, throw in a couple of carrots for color, or bulk it up with more broccoli. Just toss it in a skillet, and in minutes, dinner is served. No more waiting in line or remembering to tip the delivery guy!

  • Compared to Panda Express : $10.40 a serving.
  • BJ's $3.74 a serving
shrimp scampi frozen meal- BJ's meals that are cheaper

Meal 2: Scott & Jon's Shrimp Scampi with Linguini, 3 ct./8 oz.$9.99

Fancy something a little more upscale? Scott & Jon’s menu makes me feel like I’ve got a Michelin-starred chef hiding in my freezer. The Shrimp Scampi with Linguine costs around half the price of a similar entree at Olive Garden, and I get to skip on the… ‘authentic' Italian music.

The best part? These guys aren't stingy on the shrimp. It's like a treasure hunt in my pasta. Each bite feels like a victory, and the cost-to-pleasure ratio is unbeatable. It’s quick, simple, and oh-so-satisfying. I haven’t added Parmesan, but I might live on the edge next time. Watch out, Gordon Ramsay, a new challenger is approaching!

gorton's pub style cod fillets at BJs- bjs meals cheaper

Meal 3: Gorton's Pub Style Cod Filets 10 filets $15.99

When I’m after a meal that’s hearty, I think of Gorton’s Pub Style Cod Filets. Ten of these babies ring in at $15.99, which is a full-blown steal compared to a night out at Red Lobster.

Plus, there’s no worrying about whether my poached fish game is up to scratch. It's already breaded and seasoned, ready for the oven or air fryer.

I'm not much of a fry cook, but these came out crispier than I’d like to admit. With a side of chips or mashed potatoes, it could easily be a meal served in any respectable pub. But I like to think it’s better because I didn’t have to endure the awkward karaoke afterward.

  • Compared to Red Lobster: $16.99
  • BJ's price $1.59
pierre drive thru cheeseburgers- bjs meals cheaper

Meal 4: Pierre Drive Thru Cheeseburgers 8 ct. $14.99

For those days when I need something that’s fast and smiles-inducing, Pierre’s Driv Thru Cheeseburgers are the answer. Eight of those mini-miracles come in at $14.99, the equivalent of a lone burger from the lush lawns of Five Guys. But come on, who orders just one burger at a time anyway?

They warm up like a breeze, and the angus beef patty tastes like I’m back in my college glory days. Nothing beats the convenience of having them in the freezer; it's like my own personal drive-thru has opened in my kitchen.

Right now there is a $2 BJ's coupon and a $10/3 BJ's coupon!

  • Compared to Five Guys: $11.50
  • BJ's price after the $2 coupon: $1.62

Meal 5: Frontera Chicken Fajita Taco Bowls, 3 pk./11.3 oz. $9.99

There are weeks when I crave Mexican. I could easily pay too much for a burrito bowl full of generosity at Chipotle, or I could snag Frontera’s Chicken Fajita Taco Bowls at BJ's. Not just one, but three for the price of one takeout bowl!

The flavor oozes that authentic sizzle, and I get to savor every bit in the comfort of my own Sombrero-less home. There’s something about taco bowls that brings out my inner happiness.

Or maybe it’s just the ease of pulling it off without needing to speak Spanish at super speeds.

  • Compared to Chipolte: $12
  • BJ's price: $3.33

Meal 6: Marie Callender's Chicken Pot Pie, 8 pk./10 oz. $13.99

And last but definitely not least, we come to the comfort food heaven that is Marie Callender's Chicken Pot Pie. You’d expect this level of warmth and home-cooked goodness to break the bank, but here's the twist: an eight-pack is just $13.99, meaning each pie costs less than a day-old coffee at Starbucks!

There’s magic in every flaky crust and creamy bite. This isn’t just dinner; it’s a knit-blanket, cat-on-lap, favorite-show-on-TV kind of evening. The part that stings the most? I used to pay triple this at a diner down the road before I wizened up.

  • Compared to KFC $6.29
  • BJ's price: $1.72

If you like the sound of spending less, eating more, and not waiting on Mr. Delivery to tango with your tummy, then BJ's Club meals are exactly what the thrifty foodie ordered.

It’s a dish that spells out ‘value,' not just in taste but in the wallet. Sign up today and secure that sweet shopping deal. And trust me, if I can make these meals look gourmet, you're in for a treat!

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