How to Use BJ’s Express Scan in the BJ’s App

If you love the convenience of bulk shopping and appreciate a quick checkout, the BJ's Express Pay feature in the BJ's app is tailor-made for you. With Express Pay, you can breeze through the checkout process, eliminate lines and waiting times, and ensure a smooth transaction with just a few clicks on your phone.

I was finally fed up with waiting in long lines when I had to start shopping on the weekend. Luckily, I usually shop during the week, but the past couple of weekends, it wasn't possible.

I really loved using the Express scan, but there is one thing I do not love. I shared a video and a guide below to give you all the details.

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Step 1: Download and Log In to the BJ's

To begin your swift supermarket saga, you need the BJ's app. No worries, it's as easy as pie. Or easier, because some people find pie tricky.

Head to your app store, type in ‘BJ's,' and hit download. The first time you open it, they'll ask you to log in or set up a new account. Do it like you mean it—no one's got time for lollygagging with wrong passwords.

BJ's express scan tips and how tos

Step 2: Navigating to Express Pay

Now that the app is up and running, head over to the shopping section. Look for the little rocket ship icon in the corner. That's your Express Pay ticket to ride.

Click that, and watch as a new world of shopping ease unfurls. It's like using a lightsaber instead of a spatula—it just works.

Step 3: Adding the Financial ‘You’

We're almost airborne. Tap on the payment method to add the credit card waiting in your wallet for this very moment. Type in the numbers, the expiry date, and the code on the back (like it's a secret passcode), hit ‘save,’ and now that lil' ol' piece of plastic has a new home in your digital world.

Step 4: Ready, Set, Shop!

Cruise the virtual aisles. Everything’s a tap away from your cart, but don’t go overboard. You’ve got a speedrun to execute.

Face those items up, and keep your barcode game tight because the employees will do a cart scan at BJ's at the exit. It’s a dance as old as time and just as important.

If you forget to clip any BJ's coupons, before you go to your payment method, you will be able to see available coupons and clip them. They will deduct the amount from your total. This is something you can not do at a regular checkout line. I show this in the video, too.

I also mentioned in the video that I'm not a fan of this. Others have said that the more you use the app, the fewer items you have to scan.

I approach the express scan like self-checkout at Aldi; if you have a few items, go for it. If you have an overflowing cart, go to a cashier.

palmolive dish soap at BJ's wholesale club

Step 5: Launching BJ's Express Pay

When you're ready to purchase, select the items you wish to buy and click the cart icon to proceed to the checkout. Once there, choose the Express Pay option.

Express Pay is designed to enhance the shopping experience. When you're shopping in-store, keep all items in your cart face up with barcodes visible for faster scanning.

Here’s where the magic happens. Your total rockets to your phone. It's like telepathic payment, but for real, and it keeps you on budget, too.

Step 6: The Heroic Finish Line

Your payment's confirmed, your receipt’s zapped to the app, and there’s a sense of accomplishment in the air—mainly because your ice cream stays cold, not because you're a grocery guru.

A smooth checkout depends on a good internet connection, so if you encounter any issues, ensure your mobile device is properly connected. I always connect to BJ's wifi and haven't had an issue with the Express scan.

No more fumbling for wallets, no more slow cashiers, no more suspenseful waits on whether your card actually worked. This is the stuff legends are made of. I have to say being tech-savvy is convenient!

I like to think of BJ’s Express Pay as the future of shopping—or at least my shopping present. It's fast, easy, and eliminates all the unnecessary stuff that’s plagued grocery shopping since the dawn of the supermarket.

After a brief setup, the app is ready to help improve your BJ's shopping experience. Your next trip to BJ's can be quicker, more efficient, and just a touch away with BJ's Express Pay.

Some additional tips to remember include keeping all items in your cart face up with the barcode visible. This benefits not only the Express Pay feature but also when a BJ's employee scans your items at the door before you leave. Also, promptly handle any issues with a declined payment method to maintain a swift checkout.

By following these steps, you'll soon be able to take advantage of BJ's Express Pay feature easily.

Happy shopping and share any questions or tips below.

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