BJ’s Uber Gift Cards $22.49 + $25 Promotional Credit

Shop Uber Gift Cards at BJ’s, and save $2 off the face value of $24.49. Stack it with Uber’s first time rider promotion for a FREE ride! Or Stack it with code :NEWRIDER25 to grab up to $25 off your first 10 trips.

After you’ve downloaded the app, claimed your free credit, then take your first free or discounted ride, you are now considered an existing Uber user.
Once you’ve reached the existing user status, there are no more publicly facing promo codes that can be claimed for free rides.
It is worth noting that you must enter the promo code before you request your first ride, or the credit will not be applied.

That’s a $44.49 credit, when paired with the gift card, which could be great for a ride to the Airport, Bus Station or to a local Event.


BJs Uber Gift Cards


Remember only new users receive the $20 promotional credit.

Get your BJ’s $25 Uber Gift Card $22.49 HERE

Take 8% off Uber Gift Cards at BJ’s until 2/27/19





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