You Might Be a Couponer If.. Giveaway Winner

Last week we ran a fun giveaway! Our wonderful readers had the chance to win a $25 BJ’s gift card when they filled in the blank to this statement. I included our favorites below. 


You Might be a Couponer if…….


We choose our top 10 favorites and randomly selected three out of those 10 for our Facebook fans to vote on.


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If you want to read everyone’s responses for fun the post is here.


These were the top three.

A. You might be a couponer if you go into a seizure if you have to buy something without a coupon.

B. You might be a couponer if you know exactly when your current stash of coupons expire but forgot your wedding anniversary.

C. You might be a couponer if you spend more time with excel then you do with your husband


Congratulations to Laura who had response B! 


Here are some of my other favorites! 

You might be a couponer if you post more pics to Facebook of your great hauls than of your own children!


You might be a couponer if you win a year’s worth of free groceries and you still refuse to get any item unless it’s on sale and you have a coupon (or several) for it.


You might be a couponer if your family and friends can go shopping from your stockpile.

You might be a couponer if your kids be like but we don’t have a coupon for that



You might be a couponer if…you walk that fine line between being the perfect episode of TLC’s Extreme Couponing and TLC’s Hoarding: Buried Alive.



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