Below are some of the most frequently asked questions I receive about how to coupon at BJs. If you don’t see your question here, please feel free to contact me.

Do you work for BJ’s?
I am not employed by or BJ’s Wholesale. This website is NOT owned or operated by BJ’s Wholesale Club. I just love to shop at BJ’s for my family!

Where do you get all your coupons?
The majority of my coupons come from the Sunday paper inserts. I check the Sunday Coupon Preview website every week to see what coupons are listed before buying papers. Depending on what we use, I buy multiple papers. I also make use of printable coupons and list them for you in the coupon matchups.

Why don’t I see the coupon you list in my insert?
Coupons vary by region. I’ve noticed that other regions have higher face values on their coupons than my own area. Sometimes I do not even get particular coupons that other regions do. I still list every coupon available, even if they are not available where I live.

When you list more than 1 manufacturer’s coupon, does that mean I can use all of them?
No. All coupons available are listed so you can pick the best coupon for your purchasing scenario. The rule of thumb is one manufacturer coupon per barcode. Please see the deal scenarios and BJ’s Price Book to very if there are multiple barcodes or not.

My club wouldn’t allow me to use more than one manufacturer coupon. Why not?
I recommend printing out the coupon policy and taking it with you when you shop.  Click here to print BJ’s official coupon policy.  Please be careful when using multiple manufacturer coupons, to be sure you are using them correctly.  If the item is shrink wrapped (such as a twin pack of shampoo), you may use one manufacturer coupon per UPC code.  But you must be mindful, and look over packages carefully to be sure there are multiple bar codes, before you use multiple manufacturer coupons.  To help you figure out which items have more than one code, check the BJ’s Price Book for the item and number of UPC codes I could find. I do my best to verify the number of barcodes for you.

I provided the coupon policy to the BJ’s manager at my club, and they still wouldn’t let me use more than one manufacturer coupon. What do I do now?
I would call or write to the customer service department and explain the situation to them. They have a protocol in place to educate clubs on proper coupon usage. You may reach their customer care department at this link.

Why didn’t I receive my coupon book in the mail?
Sometimes they get lost by the postal service.  However, I would recommend you call BJ’s customer service department to verify that your membership is active, and that they have the most current contact information for you.  You may reach their customer care department at this link.

Does BJ’s accept expired coupons?
No, they do not.

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