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  1. Not sure if I’ll get into the Black Friday crowds, but BJ’s certainly is a more pleasant place to shop and always great value.

  2. Probably not. After spending Thanksgiving Eve and Thanksgiving on my feet baking & cooking for close to 30 family members, Black Friday is my day of rest. 🙂

  3. I will be shopping on black friday. It has become a tradition for me, my mother and my sister to go out alone and have a girls trip to shop. It is less about the shopping and more about all the fun we have together, just the three of us without husbands and children.

  4. I will be shopping on Black Friday. We buy for many children so I try to find deals that day. I may be buying one of those TVs for my husband’s gift too!

  5. I love that they are closed on Thanksgiving. The savings at BJS is great especially if you use coupons. I don’t typically shop in stores on Black Friday but I will be doing some holiday shopping there even if it isn’t on Black Friday.

  6. Hopefully I won’t be out shopping on Black Friday. As of right now, no deals are compelling enough to make me want to shop on day. But things could change…..D

  7. I only wanted to do online shopping on BF but now I’m tempted to try BJ’s. I became a member last December so I didn’t know what to expect.

  8. I don’t usually shop on Black Friday. I worked for years in retail and having to work on Black Friday instead of spending it with family is not what I wanted to be doing and neither do most of these poor people that have no choice but to work it. I prefer to shop online for the few deals I need for gifts but thats as far as it goes in this house. We will be spending our Thanksgiving break camping in Sanibel enjoying ourselves and relaxing.

  9. I have never shopped on Black Friday, but if there is an amazing deal on a TV at BJ’s, I might just do it. But only because BJ’s opens at a reasonable time on that day. I refuse to support businesses who make families work Thanksgiving night or in the wee hours of Friday morning.

  10. I will probably do some online shopping as I work 2 12 hour shifts on Thanksgiving! I don’t mind cuz it’s double time for nurses! ????

  11. Yes but since I work in retail and I’m on maternity leave it will more than likely just to go to BJ’s and Carter’s which is were I work, They typically run a good sale for black Friday and I have like $60 in rewards that I have been hoarding for BF.

  12. i will definitely be shopping on Black Friday! i will do early shopping online and then venture out into the crowds later in the afternoon

  13. I sure will be out and about on Black Friday. My husband has the day off and can stay home with the kids. I know will be hitting the Pharmacy stores and I want to try it at Pet stores this year too.


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