4 Things Every BJ’s Member Must Do When They Have Been Told They Can’t Use Multiple Coupons

What should you do if your BJ's club refuses to take multiple manufacturer coupons on a shrink wrapped item containing multiple barcodes?
If you have just been told this is not BJ's policy and you can't use multiple coupons here is what you should do.

This topic has been the #1 most asked question in my inbox.  I've attempted to answer this on my FAQ page, but so many readers are having a difficult time at their club, that I felt it was important to address this issue in a blog post.


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Here are the steps I recommend:

1. Print out the coupon policy and take it with you when you shop.

Click here to print BJ's official coupon policy.  You can show the policy to the cashier and/or the supervisor.


2. Scrutinize club packs carefully.

Be careful when using multiple manufacturer coupons, to be sure you are using them correctly.  If the item is shrink wrapped (such as a twin pack of shampoo), you may use one manufacturer coupon per UPC code.

To help you figure out which items have more than one code, check the price book for the item and the number of UPC codes I could find. I do my best to verify the number of codes for you.   (*Note: The price book is a work-in-progress. Prices will vary from region to region.)


3. Escalate the issue.

Don't give up! If you are not having success in discussing the coupon policy with the club management, call or write to the corporate member services department and explain the situation to them.

They have a protocol in place to educate clubs on proper coupon usage.  You may reach their customer care department at this link.

My experience with contacting BJ's member care has always been positive.  They work hard at resolving issues and helping their members to have a good experience.


4. Call customer care from your cell phone.

Many have had success by calling member services right from the checkout lane.  The number is: 800-BJS-CLUB (800-257-2582).

I hope these 4 steps will ensure that you will be doing the “no coupon issues” celebratory fist pump at the end of your shopping trips.  I made this baby meme for you to give you a chuckle!  It's always a good feeling when things go smoothly at the register.



Have you had problems with using multiple coupons?  Leave a comment and let me know!

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