The Best BJ’s Platter Sandwich & Cookie Tray Review

If you're looking for the best sandwich and cookie tray to serve at your next party, look no further than BJ's! BJ's sandwich platters are packed with a variety of lunch meat, cheese, and cookies that will please every palate.

Plus, the prices are unbeatable, making BJ's the perfect choice for your next event.

BJ's wholesale club building

Let's get into my experience with ordering BJ's platter sandwich recently.

There it was, a Friday afternoon, and I was getting ready to go to BJ's Wholesale Club- alone. No children or husband. Of course, I had to have a routine physical after, but being able to go to BJ's to gather up all the ingredients we needed for our Father's Day party was so enjoyable.

If you want to host a party and not spend time in the kitchen, I highly recommend checking out BJ's Wholesale Club catering menu. Your club must have a bakery/deli to order from the catering menu.

I went in thinking I was going to spend $300. If you haven't shopped much at BJ's, that number may sound scary, but let me remind you that every item is about $10 there on average. I am grabbing ingredients for  8 people for a week. ( My parents and brother are staying with us) Plus, our Father's day get-together.

I left BJ's with everything I needed for $147! I was so excited because I did not think that would happen.

Paper products are always a great deal at the club. This month you can save even more with the BJ's coupons from the member savings booklets. I bought the Berkley Jensen 9″ Heavy Duty Plates 375 count for $10.49.

They have a wide variety to choose from, too—Sturdy, designed, planned, or very fancy plates.

Did you know that BJ's has the perfect party center? This is because they have sandwich rings that feed 15-22 people: fruit and veggie trays and even more dishes you can order without stepping foot into your kitchen.

The best part? It's all affordable. The sandwich ring is $27.99

BJs wholesale club sandwich ring image

You can't serve a meal without dessert. BJ's has custom options for cake decorating at no extra charge.

Any club that has a full-service deli will have the option of catering. If you are unsure which club near you offers this feature, you can search here.

BJ's asks that you kindly give 24-hour notice, but I called at 5 p.m. on a Thursday, and they were able to have it ready for me the next morning. So if you lost track of time, still give them a call to see what they can do for you.

We opted for the lovely cakes as my dad is a big cookie lover, and the Wellsley Farms Cookie Tray serves 24-36 people for $15.99. You can choose from various trays of cookies, brownies, muffins, danish and more pastries. You can view the entire brochure here.

host a stunning party

If you want to have an appetizer tray out for one of your summer parties this year, the Frozen Appetizers at BJ's are a great choice. For only $10.99, you can fill a plate full without any prep work.

This year for our party, we are serving from BJ's Wholesale Club:

  • Wellsley Farms Sandwich Platter $27.99
  • Wellsley Farms Cookie Tray $15.99
  • Wellsley Farm Organic Blue and Regular Tortilla Chips $4.99 each
  • Tostitos Salsa $7.99
  • Lay's Potato Chips/ Cheetos $5.98 for both
  • Kool-Aid Jammers for the Kids 40 ct. $5.89
  • Fruit Salad- Using Welch's Grapes $6.99 from BJ's

Of course, some guests will bring a side dish of their own. But I didn't have to break the bank to serve guests this Father's Day!

All in all, we had a great experience at BJ's. The food was fresh and delicious, the prices were reasonable, and the staff was friendly and helpful.

BJ's has expanded its options for custom cakes in 2023! You can even order online. We have the complete Guide to Ordering Custome Cakes at BJ's here.

If you're looking for a good deal on party catering, check out BJ's membership deals. You can get a lot of bang for your buck with their discounts on food and drink items. Thanks for reading!

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