Everything You Need to Know About Custom BJ’s Cakes

BJ's Wholesale Club is known for its high-quality products and low prices, but they also offer custom cakes. So whether you're looking for a birthday cake, anniversary cake, or something special to celebrate a special occasion, BJ's has you covered.

This blog post will outline all the details you need to know about ordering a custom cake from BJ's. So whether you're a first-time baker or an experienced pastry chef, read on for everything you need to know about ordering a custom cake from BJ's!

Does BJ's Sell Custom Cakes?

Yes, BJ's does sell custom cakes! You can order a custom cake by visiting the bakery department at your local BJ's club or online.

When ordering a custom cake, you'll need to provide the following information:

– The number of people you would like the cake to serve

– The cake flavor (s) you would like

– Any special dietary needs or restrictions

– The date you need the cake by

– Your contact information so BJ's can reach you to confirm your order

BJ's Wholesale Club offers various cakes, including birthdays, weddings, graduation cakes and more. You can also choose to have a picture printed on your cake!

To order a cake with a picture, provide BJ's with a high-quality digital photo when you place your order. Please note that BJ's requires at least 24 hours notice for all orders due to the nature of custom cake orders.

Typically if you need a cake before that, you can contact your local club and see if they can accommodate you.

Most clubs will have cakes already made, depending on when they have to add any customizations.

BJ's also has a party planning center. You can order sandwich platters, veggies, and fruit trays.

You can order sheet cakes online here.

bjs cookie platter

The sandwich platter has always been a massive hit at parties for us.

bj's sandwich ring
Up close of BJ's Sandwich Platter

I did a review of one of our experiences here.

How many people does a BJ's Sheet Cake Feed?

A BJ's half-sheet cake feeds 20-30 people, and a full-sheet cake feeds up to 75. Cake pan prices and sizes are included below.

How much does a BJ's custom cake cost?

The price of a BJ's custom cake varies depending on the size, flavor, and design. However, you can expect to pay between $6.99 and $59.99 for most custom cakes. A complete list of BJ's cake prices is found below.

What is BJ's custom cake order process?

When you're ready to place your BJ's cake order, visit the bakery department at your local BJ's club or you can fill out a BJs cake order form online.

You need to know what size cake you want, have your BJ's membership card number available, and add your personalized decorations.

This would be things like the color of the trim, the color of the writing, and what you would like written on the cake. Of course, depending on the cake sizes, you may not be able to have everything written that you would like.

BJ's Sheet Cake Size & Prices

  • 5″ Round Cake serving sizes 6-8 $6.99
  • 10″ Round sheet cake serves 18-24 $18.49
  • Two-Tiered cake number of servings 38-46 $29.99
  • 1/4 Sheet cake number of servings 12-16 $17.49
  • 1/2 Sheet cake number of servings 20-30 $27.99
  • Full Sheet cake number of servings 60-75 $49.99

Wellsley Farms Cupcakes

  • 24 Mini Iced Cupcakes serving sizes 12 – 24, $7.29
  • 12 Large Iced Cupcakes Serving sizes 12 $12.49

Does BJ's sell premade cakes?

Yes, BJ's sells premade cakes in various flavors, sizes, and designs.

Red Velvet Cake 8″ is a classic and perfect dessert for any dinner party. Made with real cream
cheese frosting. You can pick this cake up in the fresh bakery section at your local club.

Wellsley Farms Carrot Cake 8″ has created a delicious carrot cake that you'll want to eat it every day. It features moist layers of rich cream cheese icing with cinnamon and coconut in each layer alongside walnuts for added crunch!

This is perfect as an addition or replacement on your usual dessert menu since its flavor profile tastes just like homemade – without any pesky kitchen gadgets needed. You can find this cake in the fresh bakery section at your local club.

Wellsley Farms® 7″ Tiramisu Cake. The hand-assembled dessert features alternating layers of sponge cake soaked in espresso coffee, and creamy mascarpone mousse finished off with a dusting of cocoa powder on top, all wrapped up into an elegant design that's perfect for any occasion!

This cake is available in the fresh bakery section as well.

BJ's Graduation Cakes

Yes BJ's offers graduation cakes. Your graduation should be a time to celebrate your successes with family and friends. Don't let the cost of a custom cake stop you from treating yourself and your guests! BJ's Wholesale Club offers cakes at a fraction of the price of local bakeries, so you can save money without sacrificing quality or taste. P

lus, with a BJ's membership deal, you can get all the supplies you need for your party at an even lower cost. So what are you waiting for? Grab a $25 BJ's membership deal here and order your custom graduation cake today!

Free Custom Cake Options at BJ's

You can choose three different varieties of cakes at BJs, Gold, Chocolate, or Marble. There are four fillings: Strawberry Mousse, Vanilla Mousse, Chocolate Mousse, and Buttercream.

You can choose either Non-Dairy Whipped Topping or Buttercream. We've always gone with the Non-Dairy Whipped because the kids liked it better. The buttercream is good but very sugary.

Does BJ's make 2 tier cakes?

Yes, BJ's offers 2-tier cakes for special occasions. For more information on pricing and design options, please visit the bakery department at your local BJ's club or order online.

I found this pretty one over on Tiktok. If you aren't following me on Tiktok and love shopping at BJ's, here is that account.

@ashleyp71919 #cake #bjswholesaleclub #cakedecorating ♬ White Wedding – Pt. 1 – Billy Idol

Review on BJ's Birthday cakes

When my girls started kindergarten, we let them invite friends and have a themed birthday party. It was always such a blast to go and find decorations to match the theme they wanted.

And, of course, as a frugal shopper, we were always looking for the best deal at places like Dollar Tree, Thrift stores, Party City Clearance, and more.

One year we found Troll's birthday party decoration on clearance at Party City! I ordered a birthday quarter sheet cake pan from BJ's Wholesale club.

In the past, we've had beautiful and nice handwriting on the cakes. This one was a little wobbly. I could tell it was her first few times. She was super friendly and asked if it looked okay. It was for a five-year-old party; it was looking fine.

You can always speak up and tell them exactly how you want it; if you are not satisfied, they will fix it or refund you.

We went with the non-dairy frosting.

Here is another birthday cake design from BJ's Wholesale club.

What is the BJ's cake cancellation policy?

Please contact us at least 48 hours before your event if you need to cancel your sheet cake order. A full refund will be issued if the cancellation is made within this time frame.

if you order your sheet cakes and are not satisfied, you can take advantage of BJ's generous return policy.

What are some popular BJ's custom cake designs?

Some popular BJ's custom cake designs include birthday cakes, wedding cakes, baby shower cakes, and more.

For more information on design options, please visit the bakery department at your local BJ's club or call your local club and ask for the bakery department.

Can I order a BJ's cake online?

Yes! You can order a BJ's custom cake online by visiting the link here.

You'll need to provide the same information as you would if you were ordering by phone or in person, including the number of people you need the cake to serve, the cake flavor (s) you would like,, the date you need the cake by, and your contact information.

If you prefer to print out the form and drop it off at your local BJ's, you can do that here.

Check out our favorite bakery ready-to-go items here.

pumpkin bakery items at BJs wholesale club

Do all BJ's Clubs have a bakery?

Yes, all BJ's Clubs have a bakery department where you can order custom cakes. For more information, please visit the bakery department at your local BJ's club or check out the brochure online here.


So there you have it! Everything you need to know about ordering a custom cake from BJ's Wholesale Club. Now that you know all the ins and outs of custom cakes at BJ's, what are you waiting for?

Order one today and enjoy celebrating your special occasion with a delicious, beautiful custom cake from BJ's. And don't forget, you can always grab a $25 BJ's membership deal here.

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