Bakery Items that Make a BJ’s Membership Worth It

Comfort food for me is sweets. When I'm stressed, I want to bake something and eat it as soon as it's ready. 

As my kids get older and our schedules shift and collide, staying home and baking isn't always an option. When I'm in a pinch or craving something sweet and delectable, I go to BJs.

Why? Well, I love shopping there, and the bakery is delicious. And the best part, is it's affordable. 

Today I want to share my FAVORITE bakery items at BJs Wholesale Club.

Many of these bakery items can be added online for pick up in club option if interested.

pumpkin bakery items at BJs wholesale club


bjs muffins bogo deal

The Wellsley farms muffins are a hit. They are HUGE which means the children can split one. Plus it cost is only $4.99 for six muffins.  All the kinds are my favorite too. I haven't tried a muffin I didn't like yet. What about you? 

The muffins have a $1 instant savings right now through May 27.

bakery items at BJs

Birthday Cakes

We started getting cakes from BJs for the kid's birthdays as a special treat. They are young enough that they love picking out the character images. The nondairy whipped is our favorite.

It's easy to place an order and you only need to give 24 hours notice.

Our most recent one was a Trolls theme birthday party.

Most cakes are in the range of $19.99 and up.

To find out Everything you need to know about BJ's Custom Cakes check out the How to here.

bakery items at BJs


Oh my goodness. One of our treats for dinner is a ham and cheese crossiant in the oven broiled. So delicious.

Croissants are a treat I like to buy. Making them feels too complicated for me. I even splurge once in awhile for the chocolate chip ones.

If you haven't tried these, you're missing out.

Pick up in club here.

bakery items at BJs


Grab a cup of Starbucks coffee ( because it's a good deal at BJs anyways) and heat up this turnover slightly in the microwave and you have a delicious treat.

There are different flavors depending on your location. We always have cherry, apple to choose from.

Don't forget Wellsley Farms bakery items have a 100% money back guarantee. If you aren't happy with it, bring it back and get a refund.

Check out our favorite bakery items at Costco here.

bakery items at BJs

There is nothing like a homemade cinnamon roll, but if you don't want to wait for the dough to rise a few times, or you can't find yeast, treat the family to these.

They are sweet and gooey with a delicious frosting that has a slight cream cheese taste. You get 8 cinnamon rolls for $3.99! What a deal.

Need a BJs membership deal? Grab one for $25 for the entire year here.

bakery items at BJs
bakery items at BJs

If the cinnamon roll is too sweet, consider picking up a loaf. I like these packs at BJs because you can get a variety. The one above has butter and marble. Other choices include lemon, blueberry, banana and more.

These are $7.49 but they have an instant savings for $1.50 off now.

bakery items at BJs

Wellsley Farms Chees danish! This one is so good with the lemon and blueberry. If you haven't tried these two together, you're missing out.

You can snatch these up online and pick up in club here.

bakery items at BJs

This entire box is $5.49!

My kids LOVE these little mini muffins. You can grab these online to pick up in club too.

What are your favorite bakery items from BJs?

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