7 Ways You Can Save Money Now on Groceries Without Coupons

Not everyone is on the same financial journey and hopefully, each of our financial journeys is changing. Five years ago coupons were my lifeline. We couldn't survive without them. At that point I had time and no money so it was the best thing I did for our financial situation at the time was to invest all my time learning to coupon the right way and really save big.

My couponing and penny-pinching skills allowed us to live on a $100 a month so we could start our little farm! 


What if you just aren't getting the coupon thing? I admit each year the coupon values seem to decrease and with how P&G is changing their rules and having you print online now, it's time to save without coupons.


Here are 7 Superb Ways to Save Money on Groceries without Coupons

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Dig Through the clearance racks

These days we don't see clearance items right in our normal shopping aisles. They are usually together in a spot all on its own at the store. For BJ's you will see clearance items on the back end caps. The same goes for Target.

Oh, Target how you have such amazing clearance.  Michaels has clearance in most locations way back by the bathroom where NO ONE but us super resourceful people knows where it is 🙂 Find the clearance in the store you're shopping at.  I have even scored packs of meat at Tops Markets ON CLEARANCE! In that case, you stock up and get that freezer ready. 



Buy Store Brand Items

The best place to buy store brand items I suggest are at stores like Aldi and Save a lot. The inventory at these stores is filled with just about all their own brand. Of course, if you are not feeling these types of stores ( I truly love Aldi though!) then be sure to check your local stores own brand. Also be aware of the no name brand. This might not even be the generic brand.

For example at Walmart Great Value is their known store brand. Now they have another store brand that is an entirely different name for less! So check those ones too.



Don't Buy Convenience Foods

I know ouch right? Seriously though we survived on a $40 grocery budget for 2 adults and 2 kids for a few years.  It can be done. One of the ways I did this was not buying any convenience food unless I got a rock bottom deal on it with coupons. But if you don't want to use coupons than you just can't buy it.

Making so many snack items yourself is time-consuming, but if you need to cut back the spending and aren't able to get a second job, or work out of your own home then this is an amazing way to save on your groceries without using coupons. Use Pinterest to find how to make your own delicious healthier snacks.


Meal Plan

Again I say this all the time, but meal planning is huge. This will be much easier when you are trying to make your own snacks and meals so you know how much time you need to get your items together. Meal planning saves you so much money and it's healthier. If the thought of meal planning is something you know you want to do but it just seems way to overwhelming use the app I've used to have it make a menu of all your meals for you.

Get all the info on it here.


Get Bulk Items at BJ's

Okay fine if you want to shop at Sam's or Costco that's up to you, but you may spend more money there. Besides if you are new to this site just take a scroll to the homepage and see all the AMAZING deals you can score at BJ's. With and without coupons my friend. You will always find a better price on Organic and Natural items at BJ's. Also, meat is a better price at BJ's than Aldi when I did my price comparison.  Paper products are always a super deal without coupons at BJ's.  You can even get the BJ's brand too!

Shop In Season Produce

Produce can be a budget killer. Always buy produce when it is in-season. You can check your sale flyers and head to your local farmer's markets for this. Learn to meal plan with what is in-season.


Shop Online

Amazon is about to take over the world. Amazon offers great deals with their Amazon Pantry when you look for them. Keep an eye on items using CamelCamelCamel. Add in something you are looking for and it will notify you when it hits a certain price you want.

It's a great Amazon price tracker tool that's free. Plus you don't get called in for junk food or items that look appealing when you are shopping online. You search what you need to add it to your cart and move on.



What tips do you have for saving on Groceries without using coupons? 

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