5 Things You Need to Know Before Printing Coupons

Printing coupons are the way to go these days. P&G started advertising in the coupon inserts to go online and print. Sadly there is so much coupon fraud these days printing online can track those who are cheating the system effectively compared to newspaper coupons.

If you truly want to coupon to save money on your groceries and household items owning a printer is a MUST.  If you feel that it costs too much to print coupons here are five tips you need to know before you hit that PRINT button.


 Turn your printer settings to black and white.

Don't let a store employee try to tell you they do not take coupons in black and white. That is just bogus. Black ink is always cheaper than color.



Never Print One Coupon at a Time

If you need just one coupon you will have more than half a sheet left. Ideally, you will want to fill up that sheet. You can print three coupons per sheet of paper. BUT if you really only need one coupon be sure to cut the other paper and then stick that in your printer. That way you aren't wasting any paper which will keep your cost down.



Print Coupons Right Away

I always recommend printing coupons for products your family loves or for an item you want to try. Even if you don't see an amazing deal using that coupon you still want to print it. Printable coupons usually have a longer expiration date than newspaper coupons.


Giving us time to wait for a sale to pair that coupon with. The downside of printing coupons online is that they can be gone in one day, two days or a week. We don't know how long they will last so it's always better to print the coupons for products you like.



Don't Cut Your Coupons Right Away

When you print coupons if you are printing three to a sheet which I recommend- don't cut them right away.  Leave them as a whole sheet because if you don't use those coupons or they expire you can use the back of the sheet to print more coupons. Saving on paper costs.



Watch for Coupon Resets

Printable coupons have reset. We see this frequently at the beginning of the month. The beginning of the month is the BEST time to print coupons. We get a whole new batch and then coupons that were popular may reset. We have no way of knowing if a coupon will reset in advance, but when it does I always share it here to the website first.


YOU CAN NOT COPY COUPONS YOU ALREADY PRINTED. This is coupon fraud. Each coupon has a unique number code on it. When your coupon is sent to the manufacturer they can track your IP and see if you copied the coupon.

I share new coupons daily to the site. 

You always want to print your maximum of two prints per device. You can always check coupons.com for resets because if you printed your max of two and you see the coupon again that means it reset and you can print two more times.

Also on coupons.com, you will see coupons that are regional. I don't share those here to the website because it is painful for us savers to see a great coupon that we can't get.



BONUS TIP: If you love this site which is run entirely by me and my brother and want to keep the site going bookmark this page and print coupons from my site.  It doesn't cost you anything extra but I will receive a commission for each coupon you print! 

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