4 Ways to Save a Ton More Money at BJs

If you just purchased a BJ's membership or have been a member for years there are a few tips and tricks to save even more every time you shop at the club. Let's take a peek. 

My brother came to visit me yesterday and of course, we went to BJ's. He doesn't have one near Pittsburgh and he was loving the low prices.

We both couldn't get over how cheap the Berkely Jensen Free and Clear Laundry detergent is for $10.99 right now with a coupon. Original price is $12.99!

The stuff works awesome too.

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I am a huge fan of BJ's own brand and I have shopped them ALL!

Let me share with you four ways you can save a ton more money at BJs!


The BJ’s Perk Elite offers 5% earnings on most in club and BJs.com purchases, $0.10/gallon of gas, 2% back on dining out and other gas purchases, 1% back on earnings on other non-BJ’s purchases everywhere else MasterCard is accepted.

BJ's runs gas promotions often. Currently, there is an extra $0.25/gal of gas and your elite membership you would save $0.35/gal! That savings really add up. You do have to do a majority of your shopping at the club to make this membership worth it. So many members of our Facebook group have said this is the way to go and totally worth it.

(Join our group with over 7k members and growing!)


I'm still surprised how many BJ's members didn't realize they could use coupons until they stumbled upon this website or joined our Facebook group. This is a great way to maximize your savings.

Couponing is what jump started our journey to a debt free life. You can never go into couponing to save with an attitude of what good is an extra dollar saving.

You must look at every dollar saved as an accomplishment and one step closer to your financial goal. If you save $10 every time you shop just by using manufacturer coupons and you shop at least once a week that is an extra $40 a month which would probably cover the cost of one of your bills/expenses.

Once you change your mindset you will start to increase those savings to $20, $40, and even more. There is no limit to how much you can save by using coupons and always looking for the right deal to fit your budget.


As I was saying at the beginning of this article BJ's brand is awesome. The quality is always there for me and my family.

If you really can't get yourself into couponing every time you shop, buying the BJ's brand is a for sure way to save a ton of money at the club.

BJ's store brand also has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. That means if you want to try one of BJs store brand items and you don't like it- bring it back and get your money back.  Even if you are a member and you don't have a receipt they can look up your purchase with your membership number.

Let's look at some of their store brand prices. 

    • Berkley Jensen Size 2 Diapers, 232 ct $27.99- Regular price- $0.12/diaper
    • Berkley Jensen 200mg Ibuprofen Tablets, 500 ct. $7.99
    • Berkley Jensen 160-Sheet Choose-a-Size Paper Towels, 12 pk. $14.99
    • Berkley Jensen All Natural Large Breed Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe for Dogs, 28 lbs. $35.99
  • Berkley Jensen 13-Gal. 0.69mL Kitchen Bags, 200 ct. $13.99

Use our coupon database here to search for Berkley Jensen products on sale. Or head to BJs coupon page here. 


BJ's has a ton of clearance and discontinued items keeping more money in our pockets. Each club is always looking to only carry items that members are purchasing. For frugal folks that is a good thing, until your favorite item becomes discontinued.

Product Code 2: Product is discontinued and once it’s gone, it’s gone. Many times I see clipless coupons on these or like below the Price Reduced written right on the price tag. Our store has many of these sweet deals.

BJ's pricing system

Product Code 7: A one time buy like seasonal Christmas/Easter products.

Product Code 9: Products that are going to be sent back to the manufacturer for a variety of reasons. They won’t be restocked and likely will be gone within seven days.

Product Code D: Item is being discontinued and limited quantity.

You can use BJs coupons and manufacturer coupons even when a product is marked down. That means you save a ton off the retail price of the product.

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