Learn the Secrets to BJ’s Pricing System

Have you been browsing around BJ's seeing that beautiful dish set but wondering, will it ever go on sale? Today you are going to learn the secrets to BJ's Pricing system.

BJ's doesn't flash any type of sale signs. They have BJ's coupons which I like to think of as a sale price at the club and they have price reduced items and then they have their number coding.

This coding is how you can become a very savvy BJ's Member.  These price code hacks were confirmed personally by me and a BJ's Manager.

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Here are the Hacks to BJ's Pricing System

When you are reading a price tag at BJ's always look at the orange area to see how much you are paying per unit cost. This is how you can see if you are getting the best deal on a product to price compare to your local retailer perhaps.

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Prices ending in a 9 – You will pay full price for the item.

numbers ending in 9 bjs wholesale club

Prices ending in .90 and .00 – Manager’s special discount. These are typically items the store wants to move out. They are typically discounted 10% per week for a maximum savings of 60% off. These are a bit harder to find and may end up on endcaps of your store.

Product Codes at BJ’s :These are the numbers on the price tag right next to the item number at the top.  There are four product codes that are used.

Product Code 1/ Or No Code at Top: It is a regularly priced item that will be restocked.

Product Code 2: Product is discontinued and once it’s gone, it’s gone. Many times I see clipless coupons on these or like below the Price Reduced written right on the price tag. Our store has many of these sweet deals.

BJ's pricing system

Product Code 7: A one time buy -seasonal Christmas/Easter products.

Product Code 9: Products that are going to be sent back to the manufacturer for a variety of reasons. They won’t be restocked and likely will be gone within seven days.

Clipless coupons show up next to the price and automatically are discounted at the register. You can stack BJ's coupons and manufacturer coupons with a clipless coupon.

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BJs pricing system

Wondering When BJ's Markes Their Items Down?

Below is an idea for you to plan ahead when it comes to new items BJ's Wholesale club will start putting out and when they will start marking clearance.

BJ's January inventory new: 

January clearance: 

  • Leftover Christmas items
  • Meats like Turkey
  • Gift sets, Chocolates
  • Winter Clothing
  • BJ'sFebruary inventory incoming:
    • Outdoor furniture: outdoor tables, fire pits, lounge chairs, umbrellas
    • Summer products: grills, BBQs, paddle boards, boogie boards, beach towels, sunglasses, camping gear

    February clearance:

    • Exercise equipment & luggage (1st or 2nd week)
    • Indoor furniture (2nd or 3rd week)

    BJs March inventory incoming:

    • Easter dresses, decorations, & candy
    • Lawn & garden care: fertilizer, potting soil
    • Summer items continue to expand

    March clearance:

    • Kitchen utensils, serveware, stoneware, & accessories
    • Televisions – LCD & OLED
    • April incoming:
      • Planters, fruit trees, seasonal flowers
      • Pool supplies
      • Kosher foods
    • April clearance:

      • Outdoor lawn & garden care items, outdoor lights, outdoor accessories
      • Easter  items
      • Exercise items- mats, weights, clothing

      May incoming:

      • Fourth of July Items start rolling in
      • More Swing sets- summer patio sets
      • Summer Dresses

      May clearance:

      • Spring clothing, shoes start to get marked down
      • Tumblers, Contigo items, glassware

      June incoming:

      June clearance:

      • Outdoor lawn & garden care items, outdoor lights, outdoor accessories, outdoor furniture
      • Rainboots and Kids Umbrellas, Hats, Sunglasses
      • Summer clothing, swimwear, & footwear- Crazy right?!
      • Towels
      • Rugs

      July incoming:

      • Home furniture & lighting (tables, chairs, lamps, sofas, loveseats, rugs)
      • Back to College Items
      • Bare bones school supplies

      July clearance:

      • Summer clothing
      • Grilling Items
      • Life Jackets
      • Summer Accessories
      • What's left of patio sets

      August incoming:

      August clearance:

      • Home furniture & lighting
      • Summer activity items

      September incoming:

      • Halloween costumes, decor, and candy – Last year 2018 Christmas trees and wrapping supplies crept in this month!
      • September clearance:
        • Back to school items and home furniture

        October incoming:

        October clearance:

        • Halloween costumes, decorations, and Halloween candy- usually before Halloween!
        • Ankle Boots leftover fall and summer shoes preparing for boots
        • November incoming:
          • Holiday decor: lights, yard decorations, centerpieces, candles
          • Real Christmas trees
          • Holiday gifts, toys, gift baskets, gift boxes
          • Throws & blankets
          • Heavier shoes like boots
          • Advent Calendars
          • More Cookbooks

          November clearance:

          • You may find holiday decor and toys starting to go on clearance in mid-November
        • December incoming:
          • Last of the Christmas decor
          • Gift Sets
          • Toys

          December clearance:

There you have it.

Were you aware of these price codes at BJ's Wholesale Club?

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