Whoa! Finlandia Butter at BJs with a New Price



BJ's members get ready for a new package of Finlandia butter. Remember how cheap we were getting this a few months ago?

The other day as I was strolling through BJ's I noticed a new Finlandia Butter package.  This wasn't the first time BJ's has changed items.

(You can print Finalandia manufacturer coupons on their website here.)

Members will still be able to score this butter but it will be in a bigger ounce size. This shouldn't come as an alarm to a long time BJs shoppers, we have seen prices go up for larger sizes. Sometimes we see prices go up and it's just a new package. Like the recent Lays Chip deal.

BJ's members can get two bags of chips for $5.98. The price went up $1.00 just a couple months ago.  Even compared to grocery stores BJs is still a good deal on it because the bags are much larger. Yet as a paying member I know many of us aren't excited to see items like this creep up in price.

If you are new to shopping at BJ's, there are so many discontinued items that get marked down I would solely get a membership just on those deals alone. I highly encourage you to check out my new ebook or join our newsletter so you don't miss out on these deals.

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Before members could get 3 bars 7 oz each now you will get

Three eight once bars for $7.99. It's pretty much like the Febreze packaging that happened at BJs.

( Curious read about the new size and price here)


Check out our other price comparisons:



So with a higher ounce, size and price will it cost BJ's members more or less?


With the new price and size, we are paying $0.33 an ounce. At the old price and size, we were paying $0.28 an ounce.

We have a higher price tag of $0.05 per ounce. The good news is BJs has their own store coupon for this brand frequently and we have manufacturer coupons to stack with it. Making it a cheap deal.


What are your thoughts on this price and packaging change? 

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