The 5 Best Canned Foods to Stock Up on Wholesale Clubs

Anyone who doesn’t shop in bulk on a weekly basis probably questions the expiration date on many products. I hear so many people say they don’t grab a cheap BJs membership ( I mean it’s only $15 for the year) because they won’t use items up before they go bad.

Well here my friends are five items that have a nice long expiration date and I can almost guarantee you can use these canned goods up before they expire.

These five items are found at all three of the wholesale clubs, BJs, Sam’s and Costco. I just like BJ’s the best. 


Fall is here and this brings on the crockpot/ Instant pot recipes galore! This week Target even has a super deal on the Instant Pot. Or BJ’s members can pay $59.99 for the Bella Pressure cooker here. 

Canned items from BJs make meal planning easier and also don’t break the budget. Planning all our meals was one of the steps we took to pay off all our debt. You can see my past menu plan Monday series here. 






1.Del Monte Blue Lake French Style Green Beans, 8 pk./14.5 oz. – $6.99



The final price you pay is  $5.49 or $0.68 a can. 

If you have a manufacturer’s coupon for this item you  could stack that as well or use when there isn’t a BJs coupon.


goya black beans at BJs wholesale club price and bjs coupons


2.Goya Beans 8 pk. $5.99 ( Black, Chick Pea, and White Beans to choose from) 

Beans are one of the items I list in my must-have pantry staples. When the seasons start to cool down I love adding a can of beans into all my casseroles and crock pot meals! 

Plus Goya frequently has coupons on their website. BJ’s has their own store coupons for this item. Through 9/26 you can use this coupon $1.25/1 Goya Canned Beans BJs coupon (exp 09/26/18).

That makes each can $0.59 after coupon.  Savingstar also has a 1% cashback offer on all Goya Products here. 

bjs brand salmon canned


3.  Wellsley Farms Pink Salmon  6 ct. 6 oz. $13.99

I didn’t grow up with this stuff as my parents did. This is why I had my mom taste test this one. She was very impressed.  Among her and the other sample ladies at BJs, they agreed the taste was spot on and you didn’t have to worry about any bones!

That’s always plush. The advantage is this is cheaper than buying fresh and since it is a BJs brand product there is a 100% money back guarantee.

Each can is only $2.33!


4. Wild Selections Solid White Tuna, 4 pk./5 oz. $9.99

This is a great protein to have on hand. My kids are big fans of the classic tuna melts. Grab some cheap hot dog buns from BJs ( 12 ct is $1.89!) and mix tuna with mayo and top it with cheese and there you have it.  It’s an instant kid pleaser.

“Great right out of the can, Wild Selections solid white tuna is perfect for sandwiches, salads and more. Wild Selections tuna is caught using sustainable catching practices, is traceable and MSC-certified. Each can supports World Wildlife Fund conservation efforts. ”



hunts diced or tomatoe paste at BJs wholesale club

5. Hunt’s Diced Tomatoes, 8 pk./14.5 oz. $6.99

Canned tomatoes are a must have in my pantry list.  The regular price for these is an affordable option for home cooked meals, but if you can stack a coupon, what a deal.

“These Hunt’s 14.5 Oz. Diced Tomatoes are 100% natural and made with premium, vine-ripened tomatoes. The tomatoes are free of artificial ingredients and preservatives while delivering Vitamin C and Lycopene.”


If you are wanting to save money by cooking your own meals but aren’t sure where to start, check out my favorite meal planning app Real Plans. 

Those are the five best-canned food items I found at BJs! What are your top canned items at BJs Wholesale club to buy?

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