4 Things You Didn’t Know About BJ’s Free Samples


I admit shopping at BJs after church on Sunday isn’t just because we are in town, it’s because my kids are usually starving and I like the free samples. Sunday’s seem to be one of the better days for samples. The best is when you get drinks and food! No whining from the kids makes a smoother shopping experience for the entire store in my case.

The free samples at wholesale clubs are the only thing I remember hearing as a kid. The adults all raved about the size of the samples. I know today some will say it’s amazing and others think the sizes are bite size.

Every year BJs has offered the free back to school lunch sampling event. You would get a brown paper bag and it would be full with a drink, fruit, veggie and half a sandwich. I was thrilled and it was a great lunch for the kids. Yet, others in our Facebook community complained or didn’t have the same experience.

As we go over these fun facts you probably didn’t know about BJs Free samples keep in mind, each store is still managed by different people.

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Those friendly faces who offer you free samples do not work for BJs Wholesale club.

That’s right they are a third party company. Many times you won’t be able to ask about the sale cycle or where the product they are sampling to you is located. They are there to prepare the samples the way BJs specifics.

Another inside tip they are given specific steps to follow when frying up your salmon. Those steps are given by BJ’s Wholesale club who wants to stick to their brand. For example, when I was chatting with an employee who gives out samples, we joked about how the tilapia fish could use a little more flavoring, maybe even some lemon.

She showed me the paper where they are only allowed to add salt. Me personally, I would think you could get a little more creative in your samples BJs since you do have an entire website dedicated to recipes using your ingredients.

bjs- wholesale -free-samples-tips


Take As Many Samples as You Like- There isn’t a limit

That’s right technically there isn’t a limit to how many samples you can take. The kids are easier to grab a second sample guilt-free, but the other day the shift was ending and I had a blast laughing and chatting. The employee told me to take them all, because at the end of the day what’s left sitting out is garbage.

That day I think the girls got enough samples to make an entire waffle and then some! It’s the little things in life that make us happy.

BJs free sample day

Weekends Are the Best for Samples

Unfortunately, if you hate shopping with a gazillion other people, you may miss out on the better samples. Saturday and Sunday have the best selection of samples. It’s usually on the weekends I am greeted with a tray of samples. During the week, the samples aren’t coming to you.

Don’t bother shopping at BJs on a Monday if you are hoping for free samples. BJ’s sampling hours are Wednesday – Sunday.


You May Find Yourself Buying That Product 

Samples work my friend. Trust me they aren’t getting new memberships based on the samples.  BJ’s offers coupons on so many products. The samples usually are items that have a BJ’s coupon. It helps when the coupons are laid out on the table for you to take, or to even realize the price of the product after the coupon.

And no the employees won’t get a bonus or extra commission if you end up buying one.  So don’t feel bad if you aren’t interested or do not like the sample. Just thank them and move on.

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