We Tried BJ’s New Fall Themed Items- Here’s What We Thought

My favorite time of year is in full swing. From the Starbucks drinks promotions to Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Donuts freebies and all the other pumpkin apple cider flavored items you can think of.

By the way, we just tried Apple Cinnamon Yogurt Pretzels at Target, and they were not everything excellent about fall. The kids despised them as well.

Today I want to share the fall items we tasted and tried. Also, don't forget to share a comment/ feedback at the bottom of this post. We love hearing your thoughts.

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Let's get into all the season-fall items to dip your taste buds into at BJs right now.

For an updated 2022 version, check out the video below.

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yankee candle bjs review fall items

Yankee Candle Fall Scent $11.99

My tip is to try different jars. Even if it is the same scent, grab two or more of the same one and compare. Some of the jars have a better smell. That's how I found my favorite fall scent at BJs- Apple Harvest. I love Yankee Candles, and in our house with two dogs, a cat, and kids, and the natural smell of farm fertilizer every day, this candle gets the job done.

There is a nice $2.00 BJs coupon in the front of the club flyer through 10/10, making this jar only $9.99. 

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Apple Cider Donuts 6 pk. $2.99

If you live up North, here's a question for you, Tim Horton's or Dunkin Donuts? Either one you choose, you will love these apple cider donuts as long as you like apples. The price for one is fantastic. At our local Dunkin Donuts, a donut with just one single donut is $1.19!

At BJs, you get a six-pack for $2.99. They are moist and delicious. I always buy two at a time because, well, they are just that good.

pumpkin tea cakes bjs wholesale club

Pumpkin Tea Cakes 16 ct. $5.99

If your budget only allows for one of the items we share in this article, pick this one. It's by far the favorite. I've brought it to different bible study groups, gatherings, parties, and kids to adults love them.

The flavor is impressive without anyone spice overpowering. Don't miss these, please 🙂

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pumpkin spice loaf bjs wholesale club

Pumpkin Loaf 20 servings $7.99

If you are in a pinch and want something light and not too sweet, this pumpkin spice loaf is for you. I enjoy the bakery items at BJs and found the loaf to be a nice light balance. It's super moist and has a nice mellow pumpkin flavor. The kids loved it too.

I wouldn't buy it unless I were really in a pinch because I love grabbing my canned pumpkin deal at BJs and making my own for a lot less than the cost of this loaf.

pumpkin pie at Bjs wholesale club price

Pumpkin Pie 40 oz. $5.99

Grab some whipped cream, and this pie is the best! It's my favorite pumpkin pie I've tried. The crust isn't too dry like other store-bought pies, and the pie itself is nice and creamy.  My youngest daughter wasn't a fan, she didn't like the crust, but everyone else in the family loved it.

pumpkin sugar frosted cookies bjs wholesale club

Frosted Sugar Cookies 18 ct. $4.99

These are my go-to cookies when I've signed up for one of the kid's parties at school. They are always enjoyed and are peanut and nut tree-free, which many schools require. Our parents wouldn't think to buy something from the store to bring in, and it was always homemade.

Not an option anymore.  BJs carries these cookies for each season, fitting the colors. Perfect for school gatherings.

pumpkin bars bjs wholesale club

Signature Blondies Pumpkin Spice Bars 15 ct. $7.99

These were the least liked by the family. I was not a fan of these pumpkin spice bars at all. I didn't even want to finish the bar. My husband said they weren't bad, but he has type 1 diabetes said it wasn't worth eating these.

The frosting tasted a bit off, and the bar itself was dry and a little tasteless. I would skip these.

pumpkin bakery items at BJs wholesale club

As you can see, BJ's has an excellent selection of baked goods. Unfortunately, I didn't find any crazy pumpkin-flavored items anywhere throughout the store. The ones I did find that we tried we enjoyed and recommend to you.

There was one sugar-free option, which I have not tried.

bjs pumpkin loaf sugar free

Hill & Valley Pumpkin Spice Sliced Creme Cake 16 oz. $3.99

What are your favorite pumpkin flavored goodies at BJ's Wholesale club?

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