6 BJs Staples You Should Have on Hand for Budget-Friendly Slow Cooker Meals

Slow cookers are known for getting the most use during the winter months, but really they are a lifesaver for any parent who needs to save money and time when it comes to a busy weeknight. Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring any time of year is a good year to use your slow cooker.

One of the things I love about being a member at BJs is not only is the membership cheap, ( I pay $15 a year with my exclusive offer here) but you can stock up your pantry with slow cooker essentials.

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Hunt’s Diced Tomatoes, 8 pk./14.5 oz. $6.99

Canning my own tomatoes is a tradition I’ve done since I was a kid, but if you aren’t into canning your own BJ’s makes it affordable and easy to fill your pantry with one of the most loved canned items, tomatoes. Each can is only $0.87 a can. That’s IF you don’t use a coupon!

“These Hunt’s 14.5 Oz. Diced Tomatoes are 100% natural and made with premium, vine-ripened tomatoes. The tomatoes are free of artificial ingredients and preservatives while delivering Vitamin C and Lycopene.”


imagine organic stock bjs wholesale club coupons prices


Imagine Organic Free-Range Chicken Broth, 6 pk./32 fl. oz. $12.99


This is my favorite brand from BJs. Stock comes in handy for the base of many soups and casserole dishes. But in the crock pot when you need liquid stock is my go to.

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goya black beans at BJs wholesale club price and bjs coupons


Goya Low Sodium Black Beans, 6 pk./15.5 oz. $5.99

Black beans are perfect for a slow cooker because they can handle more juice. Plus I love these have low sodium and are a healthy option. You don’t have to worry about soaking the beans and all that jazz many you can just add to the last half hour of cooking!

Check out our Freezer to Slow Cooker Meal Plan using this item Here on sale for $1.99! 



hunts diced or tomatoe paste at BJs wholesale club

Hunt’s Tomato Paste, 12 pk./6 oz $5.79

Tomato paste goes right along with your canned tomatoes. It’s easy to add a few cups of water with your paste in so many slow cooker ingredients. Plus at BJs, it only costs 48¢ a can!



bjs brand italian seasoning coupon and price

Wellsley Farms  Italian Seasoning, 6.25 oz. $5.49

I would say there are many dried herbs needed for your slow cooker but at BJ’s you can get a great Italian mix for less.


Wellsley Farms Organic Salsa, 2 pk./35 oz. $7.99

This salsa will go nicely with your black beans! I love making Mexican dishes in the slow cooker. Add little rice beans and salsa and you have a complete meal! With Bjs own brand of Organic Tortilla chips to dip I’m all in. This salsa is quite spicy but has a great flavor.

When you consider each jar is only $3.99 you have yourself a deal.


What are your must have items for your slow cooker?

Who has all ditched their slow cooker and gone with the insanely popular Instant Pot?

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