I Tricked My Kids to Eat Cauliflower with This Product at BJs

Cauliflower fries. That's the secret. Anytime BJ's Wholesale club gets a new product I'm all about testing it out. I share any new items, discontinued items and reviews on BJs brand items all day every day on this blog.

Today I want to share with you a little trick I did on my kids. They believed it for FOUR Meals! Four times I made cauliflower fries and they thought they were fish sticks.

That's right. My kids will eat fish sticks. We don't buy them often. My five-year-old is just about out of this phase, but when I cook up Tilapia, usually at least once a week, she would rather eat a fish stick.

What can I say, the girl loves her carbs, and who doesn't?

BJs wholesale club is a great bargain when it comes to buying huge bags of frozen veggies. My go to favorites are the Organic Broccoli and Cauliflower. You can see all my TOP must have buys at BJs here.

Birds Eye Frozen Cauliflower eyes is a new item at BJs. As I placed this bag into my cart, I wondered if I could get my kids to eat them.

Many of our readers helped me write this post – 19 Tricks to Try for The Kids who hate veggies, and this trick was totally unplanned.

I served these up by baking them in the oven. My five year old said, “YAY Fish sticks.”

I had to go with it. Why wouldn't I?

My other daughter was excited over fish sticks. They ate them all.

I was snickering thinking well at least there is supposedly a veggie in there right?

I served it three more times and they thought they were fish sticks. We dipped the cauliflower fries in homemade tarter sauce.

Until I made them in the Air Fryer- the Ninja Foodi. It makes everything so crispy and yummy and well it brought out the cauliflower smell. My oldest daughter sniffed it and said, is this cauliflower?

Caught. I said yes. Thank goodness the bag only has a handful of this left. She didn't want to eat them!

As an adult these are okay. I personally would rather eat my cauliflower steamed with butter dripping off every bit.

For young kids they are great! The cauliflower fries can be found at any local grocery store.

Here's the details for Bird's Eye Cauliflower Fries at BJs.

cauliflower fries deal at BJs kids tricks

Birds Eye Cauliflower Fries 2.5 lb. bag $8.99.

  • The package says it provides 1 serving of vegetables.
  • No Artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
cauliflower fries deal at BJs kids tricks
cauliflower fries deal at BJs kids tricks

Want to see what is exactly in the Birds Eye Cauliflower fries? Go here.

Have you tried Cauliflower Fries?! What are your thoughts?

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