New BJ’s Coupon Promo- Buy More Save More

Today I noticed signs up at BJ’s Wholesale club I’ve never seen before. They are large signs with the title, “Buy More Save More.”

On top of BJ’s new gas promo where you can literally get gas for 2¢ a gallon, you can stack BJs coupons with this Buy More Save more coupon deal.

I’ve complied a list of all the Buy More Save More Items I spotted at BJs Wholesale Club. If you see any I missed let me know in the comments.

Stacking BJs Coupons With Buy More Save More

I had to test out, just like I did with the BJs digital coupons coming off early, if you could stack BJ’s coupons with this Buy More save more. The wording on the

Buy 1 Beach Chair or accessory get $2 off Sunscreen.

Here’s a deal scenario for this.

Buy 1 Berkley Jensen Beach Chair on sale for $19.99

Buy 1 Coppertone Water Babies 2 pk. $11.99

Use the $3.00/1 BJs coupon expires 6/19

AND Print and use the $2.00/1 coupon here

Get $2 off

Final Price: $19.99 for chair and pay $4.99 for two Coppertone

This is just one deal you can grab at BJs but any Sunscreen works and you can stack your manufacturer and BJs coupons.

bjs coupon promo buy more save more

bjs coupon promo buy more save more

This is my favorite one! Getting the gift closet stocked! Heads up if you get any of the toys and the $7 doesn’t come off let customer service know. At our club they were having issues with this one.

Here are some of the Toys Marked Down

bjs coupon promo buy more save more
bjs coupon promo buy more save more
bjs coupon promo buy more save more

Buy 1 Marshmallow item get a $1 off Hershey’s chocolate.

bjs buy more save more coupon promo hershey

Buy 1 Glade Plug-In get $1 off Febreze Car Linen and Sky 5 ct.

Use the $2.00/1 Febreze BJs coupon

bjs buy more save more coupon promo glade

Note this is good on the one above only not just refills.

bjs buy more save more coupon promo clorox

Buy 1 Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets Get $1 off Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaners( Uhmm why are they wanting us to buy the same thing from two different brands?!)

Use the $2.25/1 BJs coupon for Clorox

Lysol Toilet Cleaner is $9.99

bjs buy more save more coupon promo bjs brand foil

Buy 1 Berkley Jensen Aluminum Foil get $2 off Berkley Jensen Aluminum Bake Pans

Use the $2.00/1 BJs coupon for Berkley Jensen Aluminum Foil

Berkley Jensen Aluminum Bake Pans 10 ct. $10.99

You’ll end up paying $12.99 for the two pack of BJs foil!

BJs brand plastic ware on sale

Buy 1 Artstyle paper tableware get $2 off Plastic Cultery- doesn’t say certain brand.

Buy 1 Artstyle Sparkle Party 13″ Three-Ply Napkins, 120 ct. $6.99

Use the $1.50/1 BJs coupon for Artstyle party or graduation

Get Berkley Jensen clear forks $12.99

Pay $3.49 for the napkins

berkley jensen bags bjs buy more save more coupon promo

Buy 1 Berkley Jensen Trash Bag get 15% off a trash can.

Dog food BJs coupon new

Buy 1 Dog Food excludes Fresh Pets, get 20% off Dog Treats.

Deal Idea:

Buy 1 Pup-Peroni Original Beef Flavor Dog Snacks, 50 oz. $15.99

Use the $3.00/1 BJs coupon

Get $3.20 off

Buy 1 Dog Food Purina Beneful Healthy Weight with Real Chicken Dog Food, 44 lbs. $36.99

Use the $3.50.1 Purina BJs coupon

Pet bed on sale at BJs wholesale club

Save an extra 15% off Pet Accessory- don’t need to buy anything else for this one.

diet coke at Bjs wholesale club

Buy 1 2 Liter soda get 20% off Wellsley Farms Kettle Chips

a 4 pk of 2 liter Coke is $5.79

Wellsley Farms Kettle-Cooked Potato Chips, 30 oz. $4.99

Price for chips ends up being $3.99

lays chips bjs coupon item

Buy 1 Hillshire Farm item get $1 off Lays Chips Variety Pack 30 ct.

Deal idea:

Buy 1 Hillshire Farm Honey Ham 32 oz. $9.99

Use the $2.00/1 BJs coupon

Buy 1 Lays Chips Variety Pack $12.99

Pay $7.99 for lunch meat and $12.99 for chips

bjs brand animal crackers with coupon

Buy 1 Minute Maid Juice Variety Pack get $1 off animal crackers.

Deal Idea:

Buy 1 Wellsley Farms Animal Crackers $4.99

Buy 1 Minute Maid 100% Juice, 40 ct./6 oz. $10.69

Use the $2.00/1 BJs coupon

Get $1 off

Final Price: $3.99 for crackers and $8.69 for juice!

so delicious bjs coupon

Buy 1 Frozen Fruit get 1.00 off So Delicious Coconut or Almond Milk

Eggo waffles at BJs wholesale club

Buy 1 Wellsley Farms Orange Juice get $1 off Frozen Eggo Waffles

Wellsley Farms 100% Orange Juice from Concentrate, 1 gal. $3.84

talenti icecream at BJs wholesale club

This one had me puzzled. Anyone know what the Wellsley Farms Brown Bites are?

Buy 1 Talenti Gelato get 50% off Wellsley Farms Brown Bites.

johnn pops item at BJs wholesale club

Save $2 when you buy any two Johhny Pops. They are $9.99 a box.

fresh fruit at BJs for coupon

I really like this one too. Buy 4 fresh fruit items get 20% off!

That concludes my list of BJs coupon deals with this Buy more Save more promotion. Is your BJ’s Wholesale Club doing it too?

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