Game on! BJs Produce or Costco Wholesale?

I've recently gotten a membership to Costco Wholesale in addition to my BJ's Wholesale membership! It's hard to pass up a BJs membership when it's only $25 for the year. 

When I compared BJ's produce prices to Aldi- Aldi won in terms of price. Yet I found the produce at either store can be a hit or miss. It all depends on where it's coming from and how quickly it moves off the shelf. If you're curious on the BJs Vs Aldi produce post tap here.

Today let's compare the produce prices at Costco Wholesale to BJ's wholesale club. We look at popular items like apples, corn, potatoes, salad and more. Don't let the first few fool you on the same price. One clearly takes the lead as you continue on.

bjs produce or costco produce which is better

Quick Facts About Costco Vs. BJs Club

Each wholesale club requires a membership to shop and make a purchase.   We are comparing produce items only. I compared at stores in Rochester NY on the same day! Remember that produce prices will vary from region to region and what's in season. 

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I'm not affiliated with BJs or Costco. I'm a mom, animal lover, and blogger who loves sharing the best ways to save money with you at wholesale clubs.


bananas prices at Bjs and costco

Bananas at Costco and BJs are both 3 lbs bags priced at 47¢/lb.

Costco has Dole Brand. BJs has Chiquita. Costco's are ready to eat, BJs are not.

I'll let you pick who you choose as the winner on this one 😉


Organic Spring Mix

spring mix prices at Bjs and costco

The organic spring mix I always find to be a good deal at Wholesale clubs. At Costco it is $3.99 for 16 oz.

At BJ's it is $3.99 for 16 oz.

Same price at both wholesale clubs!


6 Count Romaine Lettuce

romaine lettuce prices at Bjs and costco

Romaine Lettuce comes in a 6 count at BJs and Costco. Both clubs sell the six-pack of romaine lettuce for $4.29.

Same price at both wholesale clubs.



pineapple prices at bjs and costco

1 Count Pineapple at each wholesale club is $2.79!

So far the same price for everything listed.



orange prices at Bjs and costco

8 lb bag of oranges at Costco is $10.99.

8 lb. bag of oranges at BJs is $8.29.- I have to say I always have a good experience with the oranges at BJs. Juicy is not dry, fresh.

BJs Wins this One!


strawberry prices at bjs and costco

2 lbs of Strawberries at Costco are $3.29.

2 lbs of Strawberries at BJs are $5.99! What a price difference.

Costco Wins This One!

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Roma Tomatoes

roma tomatoes at bjs and costco

Costco has 2 lbs of Roma Tomatoes for $4.49.

BJs has 3 lbs. of Roma Tomatoes for $6.99.

Costco Wins This One!


cantaloupe prices at BJs and costco

Cantaloupe comes in a two-pack at Costco for $4.49.

BJs sells Jumbo cantaloupes for $2.29. They look about the same size.

For me, Costco Wins This One

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lemon prices at costco and BJs

5 lbs of Lemons $7.99 at Costco

BJs has 2 lbs of lemons for $3.29.

Costco Wins This One

Gala Apples

gala apples prices at BJs and costco

Gala Apples 5.5 lbs at Costco are $8.99.

Gala Apples 5 lbs at BJs are $5.99

BJs Wins This One

Vidalia Sweet Onions

onion prices at BJs and costco

Vidalia Sweet onions 10 lb bag at Costco is $8.99.

Vidalia Sweet onions 5 lb bag at BJs is $3.99.

BJs Wins This One

Corn on the Cob

corn prices at BJs and costco

I've never tried corn packaged like this because I don't know it seems odd. If you buy it like this and love it let us know in the comments.

Costco has eight ears of corn for $5.49.

BJs has 6 ears of corn for $5.99.

Costco Wins this One!

Little Potatoes

Potato prices at BJs and Costco

If you haven't put these on the grill in the summertime yet- do it now! They are so good and creamy. A family favorite over here. For more of our favorites and reviews tap here.

Costco sells a 5 lb bag for $7.49.

BJs sells a 3 lb bag for $4.79.


Costco for the Win!

In conclusion Costco for the win! This is the second time Costco has won in a price comparison we did to BJs! Check out our BJs brand vs. Costco brand post here. As I continue to shop for both clubs, lately I've been finding myself over at Costco more often.

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