BJs Members Voice Concern Over Clipping Coupons on Facebook Page

I was scrolling through Facebook and of course I get the ad for BJs coupons. Whenever I see a bunch of coupons on BJs ads I'm intrguied.

The ad was for members being able to clip their coupons online. No more gathering up your paper coupons.

Their status on the Facebook ad is this, ” We did the hard work for you – by putting your favorite coupons right at the top of our coupon page. Log in to get them today. ”

Scrolling through the comments, many were left angry about having to clip coupons at all.

bjs members clipping coupons

Since becoming a Costco member myself back in April, the one thing I instantly fell in love with was the high value dollar off savings each month that require NO action on my part.

Before I loved having the BJs coupons to stack with multiple manufacturer coupons BUT since you can only stack one manufactuer coupon now with a BJs coupon, its pretty easy to do in club.

Here's a question asked where BJs responded on their Facebook page.

It would be even easier if BJs coupons were all clipless coupons.

I get why BJ's Wholesale club has to still send out their booklets to members, not everyone has access to online coupons.

If all the BJ's coupons turned into clipless coupons then items would have sale prices or instant savings. Where everyone gets the deal.

But this is something I feel like Costco has over BJs, Costco truly cares about the members. And don't get me wrong, I know a few BJ's stores where the managers and employees put their members first. But it's an overall feeling many of the members in our multiple Facebook groups agree with.

I decided to ask this question on my social media channels. Here's what majority voted for.

The question asked was, ” POLL: Yes or No. BJs should have all their coupons as “clipless coupons”?

The overall vote on my own social media channels was to get rid of paper coupons. Have everything as a sale price.

Although there are a few members who love having the coupons and feel like the sale prices wouldn't be as good without a physical coupon.

So we wait and see what move BJ's makes next.

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