Which Pumpkin Pie is Better? BJ’s or Costco?

The Great Pumpkin Pie debate. Since becoming a Costco member in April this year the thanksgiving items really hit me. They had quite a selection of different things than BJ’s. 

I’ve been shopping at BJ’s for over 10 years and I truly do love it. Honestly I’m so used to wholesale shopping it feels weird to shop at other stores now. 

One thing both clubs offer during Thanksgiving time is pumpkin pie. 

Before I only knew BJ’s pumpkin pie. I personally would rather bake my own. BJ’s pumpkin pie has a great flavor and smooth finish. The crust is very typical. ( To see my favorite Fall items at BJs go here.) 

Right now though BJ’s does have a pretty great FREE Turkey promotion going on. 

bj's pumpkin pie

I personally haven’t tried the Costco Pumpkin pie, but doing a search on Google, people RAVE about this pie. 

I get it because of the size.  Costco’s pumpkin pie is nearly 4 lbs.

I mean the size of the Costco pie is a lot larger than BJ’s. 

BJ’s pumpkin pie is priced at $6.99. 

Costco’s Pumpkin pie is only $5.99. 

Costco keeps their pie in this little refrigerator. BJ’s keeps theirs out on the shelf.

thanksgiving must have items at Costco

If the pumpkin pie is at room temperature you can keep it on your counter until the sell by date on the pie.

Most store bought pies will last 2-3 days after the sell by date in the fridge.

You can freeze pies too and they will last anywhere from 6-9 months.

The price and the size alone has me choosing Costco on this one. I want to hear for you all. Whose pumpkin pie is better? 

Word in our Costco Facebook group these sell out…

Share with us below if you have tried BJ’s Pumpkin pie or Costco’s Pumpkin pie?

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