7 Intimate Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s For Cheap

Planning a date or buying impulsively to celebrate Valentine's Day can blow the budget. This year you've set a new goal to cut back on spending for 2021, perhaps you're still catching up from Christmas.

Maybe you have a special Valentine's tradition at your favorite restaurant,maybe you go to the movies, or get away and plan a trip.

Here at My BJs Wholesale we focus on saving money, and holding back during holidays can make a huge impact on your budget.

How do you save money on Valentine's Day? Share your tips with us on our Facebook group.

Here are 7 Intimate Ways To Plan Your Valentine's Day

No Power Date

  • What are some of the things you instinctively reach for when the power goes out? What do you resort to? First instinct is to get light, so candles or lanterns. Maybe put LED or tealight candles around the house, flickering candles always set the mood. Talk, share stories, play cards, or play board games.

Board Game Night

Reveal your date's true self with a game of Monopoly, Battleship, or Cards Against Humanity (You can download all the cards for FREE). Plan ahead, drink, laugh, get weird and get competitive!

Walk Outside

Whether it's snowing or sunny, a stroll around the block holding hands can be such a good break in our routine, and really allow us to step away and take in the scenery.

Seriously, quiet time can really be beneficial for couples. Take along a Fitbit, smartwatch, or camera and take a walk together.

Play Ball or Catch

This is great for people who are athletic, into sports or, naturally competitive. If it's a nice day, shoot some hoops or toss around a football. This relieves stress and often can be the wild card that breaks the routine into something casual and fun.

Reading Date

This one is a grand slam for me because my significant other is a major book nerd. A date spent reading maybe a chapter or starting a new book together.

It is a fantastic option for couples who have been together for a long time. Bond over your favorite Bible verses, or revisit a classic like Lord of the Rings.

Cook Dinner

Try a recipe neither of you tried before. If you're looking to spend nothing, then utilize ingredients you already have. Shopping for one recipe, more times than not blows the budget. Need ideas? Check out our 5 Easy Dinner Ideas for a Perfect Date Night.

“Netflix and Chill”

You could call this the in-house version of “at the drive-in…” If you need a streaming service just for Valentine's, Hulu has a FREE 30-day trial, and Amazon has FREE 7-day trials to select channels on Prime Video.

Or try out a different streaming service. We shared over 20 free trial streaming services here.

Need more help?

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