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  1. Great ideas. My hubbyand I do the “Netflix and Chill” when we can. My birthday is next week so I look forward to having a date night soon.

  2. My wife does not like Valentines Day and feels its just another day. That it’s an excuse for the Greeting card and Retail companies to make money. Even though I agree with her I still like to do a little something on that day. We both feel that doing something nice or special for your spouse or significant other shouldn’t be just a one Valentines Day of the year, it should be throughout the year! We don’t go out to eat on Valentines and usually just spend a quiet night at home with a home cooked meal that we both enjoy.

  3. They are some great ideas! I have a rule of absolutely, positively, no overpriced flowers for Valentine’s Day! Also, we NEVER go out to dinner ON Valentine’s Day. It is always too crowded which means long waits, even with reservations, slow service and the food doesn’t always turn out as good with the cooks being overwhelmed. At least that was our experiences many years ago. I love to cook a special planned meal and we do the movie at home thing sometimes with a small gift and by small, we set a limit (usually $20 but have done smaller limits) which can make it even better because we really have to put thought into it. I also like to make a playlist of music to have on during dinner.
    If we do plan on going out, its always on a different night after Valentine’s and this time of year Groupon has some good deals for meals or things to do. Even if we decide to splurge occasionally, we always try to save when we do.

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