The Top 5 Best Frozen Dinners at BJs in 2022

 BJ's Wholesale Club is a store of choice for many people. Whether you're looking for groceries or new furniture, BJs has it all. But what about food? That's where this blog post comes in!

Here are the Five Best Frozen Foods to grab at BJ's Wholesale club. 

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Shrimp is one of my family's favorite easy-to-prepare meals from BJs Wholesale club. I like to buy Wellsley Farms peeled and deveined shrimp that are ready to cook.

We use these in the summer when we're craving some pasta or sushi, but you can easily use them on salads, appetizers, and more.

Frozen brown rice is an excellent option for quick cooking to pair with your shrimp. There are different varieties of Weslley Farms Shrimp you can pick up here.

Here are five WORST items to grab at BJ's Wholesale club.

wellsley farms salmon wild caught

Wild Fish

A favorite amongst chefs, the Wellsley Farms wild-caught salmon, is flavorful and nutritious. The simple flavors of salmon make this an easy dish to prepare, whether you like it pan-seared or roasted.

It's excellent served with rice (or our frozen brown rice) and steamed vegetables for a balanced meal.

I wait for a BJs coupon to grab a bag of this. BJ's members will typically see a $2 or $3 coupon savings. A 2lb bag is priced at $22.99. You can pick up a bag online here.

 Ready-to-Cook Crab Cakes

Crab cakes are one of my favorite meals to order when I go out to eat, but they're also fun and super easy to serve at home. The Phillps Maryland Style crab cakes are a go-to for us. You get six in a box for $17.49.

They give off restaurant-quality vibes for sure. These crab cakes would be great to serve as an appetizer for a party- and your guests wouldn't know BJs froze them.

Grab a box at BJs online here.

best frozen dinners at BJs wholesale club


The Best frozen lasagna to grab from BJs is Michael Angelo's Meat lasagna. Plus, BJs members keep an eye out for Bjs coupons. For example, there is currently a $2 off coupon for members.

This lasagna is an excellent option for a quick and tasty dinner. They can be microwaved for 12 minutes or baked in the oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for about 60 minutes, depending on how crispy you like your lasagna to be!

If we're going to eat frozen food, we might as well make it something delicious.

You get two trays for $14.99 online at BJs here.

digiorno rising crust pizza at bjs

 Frozen Pizzas

The best-frozen pizza to buy at BJs is the DiGiorno or California pizza. This is an excellent quick dinner or lunchoption without breaking the bank.

It can be baked in a conventional oven for 18-20 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, which helps the crust crisp up and gives the cheese that perfect golden brown color.

These two were the most popular choices when we asked about this on our social media channels.

You can grab a frozen pizza at BJs online here.

california frozen pizza bjs

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Frozen Burgers

When you are looking for a no-prep-needed burger, try the Wellsley Farms Sirloin and beef patties. Cook for 5 minutes on each side. The grill marks make these way more authentic than the other frozen patties I've seen.

No need to visit your local BJS when you can buy online at BJs wholesale. Plus, you can go through Rakuten and earn cashback if you shop online. Basically like Ibotta but for online shopping.

You can check out a review on the Wellesley Farms burgers compared to Frozen Bubba burgers here.

Check the BJs booklet or online website for any coupons you can use.

Grab these online here.

Birds eye voila disney deal at BJs wholesale club

Family-Friendly Frozen Prepared meals

When you are in a pinch or a meal planning rut, it's time to try this favorite family meal, Bird's Eye Skillet Meal. This meal is a fantastic option for those nights when you can't seem to figure out what to cook. With this easy prep, you'll be ready for dinner in no time!

BJ's has a few different options depending on your location. One of our favorites is the Bird's, Eye Alfredo. Another go-to is the Bird's Eye Chicken Fried Rice Cauliflower.

The food found at BJs wholesale locations is good quality and affordable.

You can score these for cheap online when BJs has a coupon.

perdue chicken tender strips

 Best Frozen Chicken

A go-to frozen chicken meal is the Kahiki. In addition, you can choose from Sweet Teriyaki or Beef and Broccoli stir fry.

If you are looking for chicken nuggets, I have to go with Perdue Breaded Crispy Chicken Strips. If I buy frozen chicken, I opt for my recent discovery at Costco- the Just Bare.

Otherwise, we raise our chickens, so I avoid purchasing frozen nuggets often.

You can grab a bag of these for under $14 online here.

BJ's recently started carrying their own Wellsley Farms Brand of frozen chicken nuggets. We reviewed all three with my tweens on the blog here.

Wellsley Farms Organic Mixed Vegetables

Frozen Vegetables

I like buying frozen vegetables because I can buy them in bulk. In addition, I can buy a few bags to have them on hand whenever I feel like making a quick snack or meal without going to the store.

Plus, they are shelf-stable, so you don't need to worry about expiration dates.

With several different flavors available at BJs Wholesale club, it can be hard to pick a favorite. I tend to go for the classic, simple tastes like beef and chicken.

They are flavorful enough on their own or can be easily adapted into a new dish with a bit of creativity!

My favorite go-to frozen vegetables at BJs are all of the Wellsley Farms varieties. I always have a bag of Mixed Frozen Veggies, Extra Fine Green Beans, and Organic peas.

I love you can get organic frozen veggies for a very affordable price. One bag of organic mixed veggies runs at our BJs club.

Grab these online here.

wellsley farms frozen berries

Frozen Fruit

My favorite frozen fruit is the Dole Frozen Mixed Fruit bag. I love having a bag of these on hand for a quick and easy snack. They're perfect for packing in lunches or throwing into smoothies! Of course, always check your coupons before purchasing.

There is a $2 off BJs coupon that expires 10/6.

Another family favorite is the Wellsley Farms Frozen Blueberries. My kids eat this straight from the bag. They are good to throw in yogurt or make a quick batch of blueberry muffins.

These are better than the Wyman brand because they don't leave the kid's fingers stained. When the girls were toddlers, frozen blueberries were a lifesaver during teething.

But when they would pick up the Wymans, the blueberries stained their little fingers. We didn't have this problem with the Weslley Farms bag.

Grab these online here.

We hope this blog post has helped help you find the best-frozen food items to buy at BJs.

We know that there are many options, so we wanted to narrow down your search for you and help make it easier! Please let us know if you have any questions or comments .

Have a great day!

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