BJ’s Club Out of Toilet Paper AGAIN in 2021

If you haven't been to your local BJ's Wholesale Club today, October 20, 2021, our store has zero brands of toilet paper.

All I saw at BJs in the toilet paper aisle is water, but, unfortunately, there aren't any signs up for members.

Do they think we won't notice? I shared my image to my social media channels, and many other BJs members have shared their club isn't carrying any brand of toilet paper either.

One member mentioned the BJs brand was the only one available, but not much.

I didn't notice a limit on toilet paper at our clubs in Western NY in the past month or so, either.

So if you were planning on getting toilet paper at BJs or taking advantage of the FOUR coupons stacking for Cottonelle, you might be out of luck.

It's worth checking to see if another store near you may have toilet paper in stock.

If your club still has toilet paper, I would grab one just in case it ends up being replaced with water bottles.

BJ's filled the paper towel selection like usual.

The $0.89/lb turkey bin was empty too.

Are you seeing toilet paper and turkeys missing in your aisles at BJs Wholesale club? Let me know in the comments below?

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