BJ’s Wholesale Club Members Can Save 75¢ Gal of Gas for May & June

Are you looking to save some money on gas this month? BJs Wholesale Club has you covered! When you purchase four qualifying items between May 17 and June 15th, you'll save 75¢ off a gallon of gas at participating BJ's Gas locations.

For the rest of the month of May and halfway through the month of June, BJ's wholesale club members can get a discounted price on gas.

As I type this up, the national average price for gas is: Regular unleaded: $4.153. Here in Western NY, ours is $4.47.

There is no required minimum price for the earned fuel discount. You can use this discount on your next fill-up. For example, in last month's additional gas savings promotion, you had to do gas fill-ups on the same day.

This gas savings promotion is not valid on same-day delivery. If you haven't tried Instacart with BJs (same-day delivery), check out my review on my personal experience here.

You can score an additional gas saving with the BJ's Fuel Savers program. When you see an eligible item in-store, it will have a little gas pump like the image below. This lets BJ's members know it is an eligible fuel saver item.

What do the Fuel Saver Icons Look Like in Store and Online?

bjs high octane gas symbol

The image above shows you what it looks like to find an eligible gas discount item. This means the item will save you 10¢ off a gallon of gas at the pump.

There is no limit on how many fuel saver items you can buy. That means you could work your way up to a $1 off a gallon of gas.

When you browse online and come across the coupons section, you will see a little gas pump icon like this.

We call that coupon stacking when you see multiple BJ's coupons like this. BJ's Wholesale Club is the only warehouse club to accept manufacturer coupons. We share all the couponing deals at BJ's daily on our homepage HERE.

bjs high octane gas image in coupon book
This image shows what the Fuel Saver items look like in BJ's Coupon Books

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BJ's members will have 21 days to use the 75¢ gas discount. After that fuel purchases are subject to a required minimum price of 2¢/gal, and redemption of the discount is capped at the fuel cost per gallon less than 2¢/gal to the time of redemption.

Once you use your earned fuel discount, your balance will be zero. Most gas stations are higher than BJ's gas stations in our area.

BJ's gas deal will earn you 75¢ off a gallon of gas at the gas pumps when you buy four qualifying items on one transaction between May 17- June 15th.

How to Find Your Gas Discount at BJ's

You can find your gas savings on the BJs website under your account. This chart will show you the gallon discount and the earned date.

  • Sign in to your online account and hit My account.
  • Go down to Savings & Awards. Then you can tap the Fuel tab to see your current and upcoming total discounts.

You can also find the nearest BJ's gas station using the BJs app or website.

At the top of the BJ's Wholesale club app are the BJ's gas prices. When you tap the gas price, you can search other area bj's gas locations to find the best deals.

Whenever I compare BJ's gas prices to regular gas stations, I find BJ's wholesale club is about 10¢ cheaper before any of the promotional discounts.

How to Score the 75¢/gal of Gas Discount

Head to your nearest BJ's wholesale club or choose to do a pickup order and purchase qualifying items online or in the app.

Choose items from the list of eligible items.

Check out and head over to your nearest BJs gas station.

There are usually two lanes to come from each side. You can pull up to a gas pump on the same side as your fuel tank – but if there isn't a spot open, you can use the extra-long hoes to pull around to the other side of your vehicle to fill up.

You will need to scan your BJ's membership card before using your credit/debit card. Than, after you insert your payment card, The gas station will show the gallon discount price on the screen. I always look at the current gas price to ensure my discounts were taken off at the pump.

Then fill up your tank and enjoy the savings.

What are BJ's Gas Hours?

BJ's station hours of operation are Monday-Saturday, 6:30 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Sundays, 6:30 am – 7:00 p.m.

BJs Gas Promo hours

What if my gas savings don't show up at the gas station?

Please note that it may take up to fifteen minutes from when you check out for your discounted BJ's gas prices to show up.

In my own experience from the time I check out, wait in line, and load items into my car, my gas discount shows up.

The lines seem to be longer at BJ's gas stations because everyone wants to save on the higher gas prices.

If you plan to bring an extra gallon or two to fill up, make sure it is an approved fuel container. You can get a better deal when you stack this gas deal with the BJ's Fuel savers program.

What counts as a qualifying item?


bjs gas list of items for june

You can view ALL the eligible items ONLINE HERE.

Below is a look at some of the items that BJ's will include.

Here's How the BJ's Fuel Saver Program Works:

  • Buy one eligible fuel saver item at BJ's in a club or with in-store pickup order.
  • Receive a 10¢ off/gal of gas.
  • For every eligible fuel saver item, you purchase, you receive 10¢ off gal of gas PER item.
  • If you buy three fuel savers items. You would get 30¢ off a gallon of gas.
  • Then you buy four of the items from the latest BJ's gas promotion, you would receive a gas discount of $1.05!

I recently did a TikTok video showing an easy way to save 30¢/gal of gas when buying three popular snacks at BJ's Wholesale Club.

The best part is the fuel saver items have a clipless coupon- making it a super deal this week.

Here are three items you can purchase to save 30¢/gal of gas

Where Can I find the Fuel Saver Program Items?

We share the updated Fuel Saver program on the blog HERE. The fuel saver program usually runs each calendar month.

If you choose to do an online order for one of the eligible items, you will not receive a discount.

The Fuel Saver program at BJ's is one of my favorite reasons to keep on renewing my membership. Unfortunately, I don't see Sam's club offering a discount on gas savings for buying items.

BJ's Wholesale Club is where to go for all of your bulk shopping needs! Not only do they have great prices, but now you can earn an additional 75¢ gal of gas when you purchase four qualifying items.

This promotion is in addition to the Fuel Saver Program, so make sure you sign up for a $25 BJ‘s membership today and take advantage of these fantastic discounts!

Is BJ's gas good quality?

BJ's Wholesale Club is committed to offering high-quality gasoline at a great value. When you try to look this up you get a little bit of mixed reviews. In all the forums I've read there doesn't seem to be any issues. I've been using BJ's gas for the past five years and haven't noticed a difference.

Here's what an online representative at BJ's said when asking about the quality of gas that BJ's Wholesle club sells:

“Thank you for contacting BJ'S Member Care with your inquiry. Depending on the trade area, BJ'S buys unbranded gasoline from many different suppliers, be they national brand refiners or smaller independent refiner/suppliers.

Though BJ'S purchases from many sources to maintain our low prices, please be assured that BJ'S gas maintains the strict quality guideline established by the Federal Government's Environmental Protection Agency.

At all times, though, BJ'S gas maintains the strict quality guidelines established by the federal government's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We sell 87 Octane Regular Unleaded and 93 Octane Premium Unleaded. BJ'S gasoline contains all detergent additives required by EPA guidelines.”

What are some of the immediate benefits of shopping at BJ's Wholesale Club?

BJ's members can save up to 25% off their grocery bill* and enjoy BJ's Perks Rewards and exclusive coupons. BJ's Gas is typically 10-30 cents cheaper per gallon** than other leading gas stations.

And BJ's Wholesale Club is the only warehouse store to accept manufacturer coupons.

Take a look at the latest club coupon book with coupon matchups HERE.

Final thoughts

Overall, this basically wraps up our look at the gas deals at BJ's. It's clear that BJ's has a very good gasoline price, especially after considering their recent Fuel Savings Program.

The savings you can make are not inconceivable compared to the average gas station. This makes them even more attractive after using extra coupons or promotional offers.

The BJ's fuel costs are also competitive. If you want to go between BJ's and other retailers, you'll need to look around.

Here is some of the fine print for the May and June Gas Promotions at BJ's Wholesale Club.

*For each eligible fuel saver item purchased in-club, save 10¢/gal. At BJ’s Gas® on your next fill-up, within 30 days of your purchase.

If you have multiple checkout transactions containing fuel saver items within that 30-day, your fuel discount will reflect all gas savings items purchased in all transactions for that calendar month before your next fill-up.

Fuel purchases are subject to a required minimum price of 2¢/gal. You cannot apply your fuel discount to such a minimum price.

Redemption of the discount is capped at the fuel cost per gallon less 2¢/gal. at the time of redemption (e.g., if fuel cost is $2.00/gal. and you have earned a $2.10/gal. discount, your redemption is capped at $1.98/gal.).

The maximum fuel quantity is 30 gallons per redemption or $100. BJ's will reset your earned fuel discount to zero, and any remaining discount balance will be forfeited after each use at the pump.

Membership card and payment card must be scanned or swiped for discounted price per gallon to be reflected on pump dispenser and applied to your fill-up. Promotional savings may not appear at pump for fifteen minutes from checkout.

Offer is valid for purchases in club, buy online pick up in club, Same Day Delivery, Express Pay & other orders. Offer is not valid on Instacart including purchases at or

Offer may be combined with select BJ’s Gas fuel discount offers and, where applicable, 10¢/gal. My BJ’s Perks® Mastercard® discount; however, total discounts may not reduce the price per gal. below 2¢/gal.

Unused discounts at the end of that 30-day period will be forfeited, and do not roll over and are not transferable. Discount can be used on any type of fuel – regular, premium and diesel (where available). Approved fuel containers only.

BJ’s Gas locations may occasionally close for site maintenance, during which the promotional discounts will not be available. If you redeem your fuel discount, BJ’s has the right to reject the return of the purchased fuel saver items that contributed to the redeemed fuel discount.

In addition, in the event BJ’s suspects abuse of the fuel saver program (e.g., returns of purchased gas savings items following redemption of the corresponding fuel discount), BJ’s reserves the right to suspend or terminate your participation in the fuel saver program and to terminate your membership without refund.

*Any discrepancy between the price of gas displayed in the Application and at any physical BJ's Gas® station location is unintentional. In the case of a difference, the physicals BJ's Gas station pricing will prevail.

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