How to Avoid Common Couponing Mistakes

Coupons, coupons, coupons. These pieces of paper, or now mostly digital savings, are a blessing in disguise for anyone looking to make big savings on their purchases.

But the art of extreme couponing takes a lot of patience, strategy, and a little bit of luck. If you want to reduce your grocery and household bills this year, you must get into extreme couponing.

When learning anything new, there are bound to be mistakes. Today, I'm sharing some of the most common couponing mistakes so you can avoid them.

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$60 menu and grocery list- avoid common couponing mistakes

Not Stockpiling Effectively

The main goal of using coupons is to save money in the long run, and one of the smartest ways to do so is to stockpile your frequently used items.

However, one mistake new couponers make is buying too much of the wrong item or not enough of the right one. Ensure you are buying the correct quantity of each item and have the necessary shelf space to store them.

how to start exreme couponing

Using Coupons for Purchases They Don’t Need

Couponing can be addictive, and while this is not necessarily a bad thing, it can lead to unnecessary purchases.

Couponers can be overly excited and use coupons to buy items they don't need just to build their stockpile. Only use your coupons to purchase items you will use, or donate them to charities or food banks that can put them to good use.


Not Keeping Up With Deals

It's true when you are extreme couponing and looking for those clearance deals, you need to check frequently.

Whether you are looking at a coupon blog that is keeping up with the deals or you are checking apps yourself, it needs to become a habit that you do at least once a week.

Weekly is best because you can keep an eye on the newest deals. Digital deals come and go quickly, and online deals even faster, so be sure you are subscribed to your favorite couponing blog.

Not Checking Expiration Dates

Many coupons have an expiration date printed on them, and this is where couponers can get caught off guard.

Even though many coupons today are digital they still have expiration dates. Pay attention and make sire you get to the store before they expire.

Not keeping track of expiration dates can lead to expired coupons being thrown away or, even worse, leaving them to rot in your stockpile.

Organization is key when it comes to extreme couponing.

Ignoring Store Policies

Coupon policies vary from store to store, and although some rules might seem unfair, they are put in place for good reason.

New couponers should ensure they read and fully understand the store's coupon policy before using coupons. This will avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings, plus it can also help to avoid breaking the rules.

Not Comparing Prices

Couponing can require a lot of patience, but checking the prices of the items you want to purchase before using coupons is important.

Do not blindly accept the discounts advertised on coupons because sometimes the sale prices can be higher than another store’s regular price for the same item. Expanding your shopping horizons can save you money and expand your shopping skills.

Becoming a successful couponer takes time and patience. You must avoid these common mistakes to achieve success.

I hope this guide was helpful to all new extreme couponers out there in avoiding these mistakes. Make your shopping experience more enjoyable by using coupons to your advantage.

Remember, you control your spending with the power of coupons!

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