18 Myths at Wholesale Clubs Busted: Items That Actually ARE a Good Buy

If you shop at Costco, Sam's, or BJ's, you've probably seen articles about things that are never a good item to buy. We did one here on MyBJsWholesale too.

Lately, I came across a new one with 20 items to NOT buy in bulk, and I have to say most of these items at BJs and Costco at least aren't packaged the way described.

This means most of the items on the list are a good buy. So, let's look at this list and share 18 myths at wholesale clubs.

18 Myths at Wholesale Clubs in 2024

post raisin bran cereal at bjs wholesale club

Cereal because it goes bad

If you are a bulk shopper, you know that the BIG box you see on the shelf isn't all in one bag. This is a classic myth at wholesale clubs that cereal isn't the better deal.

Many times, you will get two bags or two boxes inside.

This means that a bag of cereal most likely won't go bad because it's such a big bag. Many shoppers choosing cereal at Sam's, Costco, or BJ's probably have a family or love cereal.

It may not be a good buy if you are an extreme couponer. But it is not true that it will go bad before any other box of cereal you buy at another retailer.

berkley jensen laundry detergent

Laundry Detergent because it goes bad

This makes me laugh because you are going through the laundry detergent if you have a family. The Kirkland and BJ brand detergents are so cheap when on sale.

Right now, Kirkland Detergent( which I've used and like) is only- we are a family of four, and with activities and a husband who works in the construction field, we go through a big bottle of detergent before six months.

I can see this as applicable only for a single person.

scott bath tissues coupons bjs

Toilet Paper- no storage more expensive

Now, I get that if you compare name brands, you may get a better deal at grocery stores. But if you are really looking to save money and you have a wholesale club membership, you should buy a store brand.

The BJ's brand toilet paper is our go-to for $19.99 for 36 BIG rolls. This one is comparable to Charmin; it's also won Best Toilet Paper in Good Housekeeping for several years. Part of the reason it won, was for how fast it dissolves.

wellsley farms ketchup- myths at wholesale clubs

Condiments- will go bad

I realize we may be one of the few here, but Hellmanns is a staple in our house—every morning for egg sandwiches and more.

We go through a jar monthly, and the price is much better at Costco and BJs. When it's not on sale at BJ's, it usually is at Costco, and under $8 for that size is a steal.

Dunkin Original Blend Coffee- myths at wholesale clubs

Coffee will go bad before you use it

Coffee goes stale quickly: Those articles will tell you that coffee goes stale quickly, but they probably haven't shopped at BJ's or Costco.

BJ's sells whole beans you could grind fresh daily with a grinder. Otherwise, keeping your coffee in a sealed container or storing it in the freezer will keep it fresh for months.

This is the one we've used for the last couple of years, and it fits a bag of Coffee from BJ's perfectly.

But really, who doesn't go through a bag of Starbucks coffee from BJs in a month anyways?!

mcormick spices at BJs wholesale club- myths at wholesale clubs

Spices will go bad

Spices lose their potency over time: Sure, spices can lose their potency, but all you have to do is grind them between your fingers to bring life back to them. You have a good solid one – 4 years to use those spices.

berkley jensen batteries at BJs wholesale club

Batteries- won't last

Batteries lose their charge over time: Some say batteries lose their charge over time, but BJ's sells them in little compartments that keep about eight batteries in a section in the big package. Otherwise, Duracell guarantees that they will last 12 years in storage!

Batteries are always cheaper at wholesale clubs, especially when the double coupon stack deal for Duracell is going on.

kirkland brand items worth buyung- myths at wholesale clubs

Paper Products Cheaper Elsewhere

Paper products won't go bad, and the price per unit is often lower at BJ's and other wholesale clubs than at other stores.

The occasional cheap extreme coupon deal comes around for Bounty, but in general, BJ's brand paper towels feel and work just like Bounty for us.

Costco's Kirkland brand is pretty good, too.

clorox bleach- myths at wholesale clubs

Cleaning Supplies waste of money

Moving onto cleaning supplies, some people believe that buying cleaning products in bulk is a bad idea, as they may take up too much space in your home.

However, BJ's carries various cleaning supplies in bulk that can be stored properly and last for a long time.

I recommend buying store-brand items such as laundry detergent, dish soap, and cleaning wipes in bulk to save money in the long run.

strawberries, myths at wholesale clubs

Fresh produce will go bad

Another commonly avoided item is fresh produce. People seem to believe that produce bought in bulk at BJ's will go bad quickly. I guess they don't have kids who will eat one package of raspberries from Aldi in 15 minutes and two who will eat one package of strawberries on the first day.

If you're buying produce you know you'll use within a week or two, buying in bulk can save you a lot of money. For instance, I love buying my berries and bananas at BJ's, as they tend to be less expensive per pound than at other grocery stores.

lowest meat prices at bjs- myths at wholesale clubs

Meat no space for it

One of the biggest reasons people avoid buying meat at BJ's is the sheer quantity. But if you have a freezer, you can easily freeze and store the excess for later use.

Every time I price compare, BJ's is cheaper than our local grocery stores and Walmart. The only store that comes close to the price per pound is Aldi.

goya black beans at BJs wholesale club price and bjs coupons- myths at wholesale clubs

Canned goods too big

Many people believe that BJ's only sells canned goods in jumbo sizes. Their canned goods selection includes various sizes, including single servings.

The cans are often a regular size at the grocery store, but they come in a pack of 15 or so. Again, if you can get store-brand items like Kirkland diced tomatoes, etc, they are usually cheaper than Aldi's canned tomatoes.

iams dog food -myths at wholesale clubs

Pet food- more expensive

Don't believe the myth that BJ's doesn't cater to your pets. They have a great selection of pet food and accessories at a fraction of the cost of pet stores.

The Fresh Pet cooler section is much cheaper than Target and Walmart, and they offer a nice large size, which is convenient if you are going through a couple of rolls a week.

Costco offers its own dog and cat food brand, which is cheaper than name brands.

lays chips at bjs wholesale club- myths at wholesale clubs

Snacks/Chips are more expensive

Avoid running to the store every time you need a snack fix. BJ's offers a wide selection of snacks, including chips, crackers, and even healthy options like nuts and granola bars!

You are overpaying if you get any type of chips at a local grocery store or Walmart. This is coming from a mom of tweens and teens! BJ's two-pack of the largest size of chip bags for $8.98 is a deal. Usually, they will offer an extra dollar off every couple of months.

The Tostitos Queso in a three-pack is cheaper than Walmart, too, for any other teen moms out there!

dole frozen fruit- myths at wholesale clubs

Frozen Fruit- more expensive

Don't shy away from frozen fruit at wholesale clubs. You can find mixed fruit perfect for smoothies or grab a bag of just blueberries.

An example of Wyman's Blueberries 4 lb.s are $9.49 right now at BJs, at Walmart, they are $12.48 for a 4 lbs. bag.

When you shop store brand you save even more, and that is still less than Walmart's great value brand.

You can get frozen fruits for a lot less than at regular grocery stores.

nature's harvest bread beanie boo


Don't believe the myth that buying bread at BJ's will result in stale loaves. BJ's carries a wide selection of bread, including fresh bakery options at great prices.

The loaves at BJ's are larger than at Aldi, making it a better deal at a wholesale club.

If you want any specialty bread, it's always worth picking up at a wholesale club. Wegman's is beautiful and has an amazing selection, but it will be almost 40% less at a wholesale club.

gas discount at bjs wholesale club

Gas is not cheaper at BJ's

BJ's gas prices are often cheaper than other gas stations in the area; if you are a BJ's Club+ member, you get an extra gas discount.

Plus, BJ's has a fuel saver program, allowing you to earn extra gas discounts for buying items in the club.

king arthur 00 pizza flour

Baking supplies

Flour, sugar, baking soda – these staples are much cheaper when bought in bulk at BJ's. You don't want to run out of these essentials while baking cookies!

They are much less at wholesale clubs if you are looking for specialty baking items like gluten-free flour, Almond Flour, or King Arthur Neapolitan-style pizza flour.

You may not need that 10-pound bag of Kind Arthur flour if you aren't baking a lot. If you are a baker, you know that King Arthur is the best and has the best prices at wholesale clubs. Not to mention the nice big bag of cheaper chocolate chips per ounce.

Shopping at BJ's is a smart and efficient way to save money while getting everything you need. Don't believe the myths that certain items are better to avoid – with creativity and smart planning, you can walk out of BJ's with everything on your shopping list and more! Happy shopping!

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